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LexisNexis® Customer Development Solutions help you expand your business. By acquiring and retaining profitable customers, we offer the in-depth data and advanced analytics you need to optimize your direct marketing efforts. Choose from the solutions below to learn more:

RiskView™ Total Solutions

LexisNexis® RiskView™ Total Solutions is a comprehensive suite of proven credit risk management data tools that can increase your predictive intelligence far beyond traditional credit bureau scoring. Drawing from public records and multiple proprietary data sources, RiskView™ Total Solutions provides you with a greatly enhanced understanding of the risk and profitability potential of your customers and prospects.

Increase your credit risk management decisioning efficiency

Today’s struggling economy is making your job increasingly more demanding and difficult. You’ve got to be able to pinpoint the right customers—and at the right time. If you don’t have enough information, or the right information, you can end up wasting valuable time, money and resources on targets that do nothing but cost you money. And a good credit risk management solution can help

Access a large pool of untapped profitability

Approximately 70 million U.S. adults* are considered "non-traditional" because they don’t have enough credit history to allow for traditional credit scoring. In other words, a credit score doesn’t do much good for someone with little or no credit history. This can make your credit risk management and assessment efforts much more difficult. But now there’s a very attractive alternative. RiskView™ Total Solutions is a proven, non-traditional method for predicting and scoring risk that allows you to tap in and profit from this huge, underbanked market, without taking on any added risk. Manage credit risk before the fact.

Effectively score the non-traditional market

Consumer lifecycle and lifestyle data are highly effective predictors of behavioral patterns and financial risk levels. Traditional bureau credit scores don’t take these types of data into account, and therefore, they overlook a very large segment of the population. RiskView assesses risk, while playing a key role in your credit risk management efforts, based on reliable indicators such as:

• Residential stability
• Utility payment consistency
• Asset ownership
• Derogatory status
• Life-stage analysis

Enhance traditional credit scoring methods

Though particularly effective for evaluating applicants whose financial history is either non-existent or too thin for traditional credit risk management and assessment tools, RiskView™ is also useful as an enhancement to credit bureau-based scoring methods.

Comply with Federal regulations

RiskView™ is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C. §1681, et seq.

Mitigate up front and ongoing risk

It’s simple. The more you know about people, the better decisions you can make. This complete credit risk management solution includes up front identifiers so you can predict if a prospect will make a profitable customer or not. And it also includes ongoing account monitoring, so you can predict if a normally profitable customer has suddenly become a potential risk.

Learn more about our new nontraditional business credit check and information solution

Optional Components

RiskView™ Total Solutions includes all of these powerful tools:


Using the deepest public records and other proprietary data resources, the RiskView model scores and predicts the creditworthiness of non-traditional consumers with little or no credit history as well as incremental segmentation for consumers with full credit history.

RiskView™ Money Service Business Score

Based on our traditional RiskView score, the RiskView Money Services Business Score is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of the money services business industry.

RiskView™ Attributes

Providing creditors with a risk-predicting score is only the beginning. We also include the underlying data that makes up the score. Your organization can use this data for internal modeling to build your proprietary score card.

RiskView™ Account Monitoring Attributes Coming Soon!

This smart tool allows credit issuers to utilize the underlying data elements to improve customer management and understand consumer life events.

RiskView™ PreScreen

Allows lenders and credit issuers to gain an improved understanding of consumer behavior and risk by utilizing FCRA-compliant data not captured in traditional Credit Bureaus.

RiskView™ List Extract Coming Soon! We will generate a list of names and addresses of consumers that meet specific criteria set by your organization.

RiskView™ List Append We will automatically append the creditworthiness score to your list, making it easy for you to decide who receives your offer and who doesn’t.

RiskView™ Report Coming Soon!

Save time and frustration with this easy-to-read reporting format for reviewing and analyzing a consumer’s public records footprint.

RiskView™ Traditional Risk Score Adjustor Coming Soon!

An automatic traditional score adjustment to an existing customer file, based on a comparison of that consumer’s public records footprint to his or her traditional trade line scores.

RiskView™ Liens, Judgments and Bankruptcy Report

Companies that offer tax refund anticipation loans do not want to lend money to anyone with an unreleased obligation to the IRS or the Federal or State Government. RiskView™ Liens, Judgments and Bankruptcy Report is a fast, affordable screening tool for identifying those people and making smarter, more profitable loan decisions.

Get it now: for more information about RiskView™ Total Credit Risk Management Solutions, please call (800) 869-0751.

RiskView™ and Attributes are consumer reporting agency products as such term is defined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. §1681, et seq. ("FCRA"). RiskView™ and RiskView reports constitute consumer reports, and may only be accessed for permissible purposes as provided in the FCRA.

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The RiskView score is the only alternative data credit risk assessment solution endorsed by the American Bankers Association through its subsidiary the Corporation for American Banking.

Did You Know?

We help predict the likelihood that a consumer will become delinquent in the next 18 months.

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