2018 Fraud Hero

International Fraud Awareness Week

The volume and sophistication of fraud has increased, and mitigation professionals rely on expanded data sets and advanced analytics for detection and prevention. Browse our collection of resources that showcase data analytics trends and best practices, including findings from the 2018 Fraud Mitigation Study.

The 2018 LexisNexis® Risk Solutions
Fraud Mitigation Study:

Fighting Fraud Across Industries

Find out what 800 fraud mitigation professionals from five industry sectors and government said about cross-industry fraud, learn how they use data analytics, and see what they think about identity fraud and other trends.

Fight fraud with tools and insights from the industry sectors below.


To combat the growing problem of identity fraud and business fraud, government agencies need tools with identity proofing and fraud detection and prevention capabilities.


Healthcare entities need solutions that facilitate the aggregation of big data from multiple sources and that offer transparency into fraud risks through linking and predictive and claims analytics.

Financial Services

Financial organizations need solutions that proactively uncover fraudulent identities while preserving a positive experience for profitable customers.


Merchants need layered fraud prevention solutions that offer identity verification, authentication and transaction scoring to reduce costs associated with manual reviews and false positives.

Property and Casualty

Fraud investigators need sophisticated solutions that leverage advanced analytics to minimize risks without compromising customer satisfaction.


Communications and media organizations need layered identity and transaction verification solutions that combat fraud, authenticate identities and score transaction risk.
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