Improve business compliance to optimize tax collection efforts

Begin closing the gap between what is owed and what is paid in business taxes.

Business Tax Compliance


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The immense gap between what is owed and what is paid in business taxes is estimated at approximately $500 billion a year.

Much of that gap is due to non-compliant businesses that pay too little or nothing at all. Because of the complexity of businesses and the data silos that exist across jurisdictions, solving this problem has posed a formidable challenge. LexisNexis® leverages big data from multiple sources to help you identify non-compliant organizations, detect fraud and optimize tax collection efforts.

LexisNexis Delivers

Nationwide View

Breaks down data silos providing access to business records nationwide, across states, jurisdictions and agencies.

Multiple Data Resources

Leverages business data gathered from over 13,000 sources, reducing reliance on internal agency and self-reported business information.

Data Linking Technology

Uncovers ownership details, business hierarchies and connections between interrelated business units and individuals using unique identifiers.

Visualization and Mapping Tools

Overlays business and identity data onto a map to further analyze how entities are related and interconnected.

Data Cleansing

Continually updates and validates in-agency data to keep it accurate, current and complete.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Provides business insights through use of a single analytical platform and helps organize and prioritize business audits and investigations.

Achieve These Results

Close the Tax Gap

Boost revenue by identifying businesses that pay too little or no taxes.

Discover Additional Revenue Sources

Gain insight into hidden businesses and connections to individuals and assets.

Prevent Business Tax Fraud

Obtain a comprehensive and nationwide view that can reveal suspicious activity and expose organized perpetrators.

Optimize Resources and Collections

Prioritize business audits, cases and investigations for faster resolution and maximum collection.

Update and Cleanse Data

Enhance and verify self-reported and in-agency business data. Base strategies on a comprehensive view, backed by verifiable data

Insights and Resources

Business Due Diligence

Vetting New Businesses for Fraud in Todays Digital Environment

Safeguard your business creation process and the data your jurisdiction needs to make critical decisions.
Prevent Risk & Streamline Vendor Due Diligence

Business Data Intelligence

Prevent risk and streamline vendor due diligence with business data intelligence.
Business Due Diligence for Tax Auditors

Business Due Diligence for Tax Auditors

Tools to maximize agency resources and increase tax revenue.
On Demand Webinar

Vetting Businesses to Protect Against COVID-19 Fraud Scams

This 30-minute complimentary webinar highlights up-front fraud prevention measures you can use to assess risk and streamline business and vendor due diligence.

Framing the Business Tax Compliance Landscape

Gain a better understanding of the landscape with viewpoints from 29 states.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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