Identify High-Value Physicians
for Strategic Outreach

With claims-based market intelligence, life sciences organizations can optimize outreach efforts to increase market share.

Market Intelligence

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Life sciences organizations seeking to maintain growth and profitability need the ability to identify high-value physicians.

With medical claims data insights and life sciences market intelligence, they can find key influencers, see their referral patterns and determine where those individuals spend their time. By narrowing their focus, life sciences organizations are able to quantify opportunities for strategic targeting and optimize their outreach efforts to achieve greater commercial success.

Increase revenue and market share

Focus outreach efforts on influential physicians and facilities based on insights leveraged from medical claims data.

Maximize resources

Identify, prioritize and strategically target key market segments. Scale your sales force based on volume.

Get there first

Proactively inform physicians about product options. Use early alerts of newly diagnosed patients to select targets.

Optimize commercial efficiency

Understand the relationships between organizations and individual healthcare practitioners for account-based selling.

React quickly to trends

Adjust strategy to market share changes in local facility, network and practitioner usage over time.

Insights and Resources

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Uncover Market Intelligence from Medical Claims Data

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Market Data and Technology Increase Sales for Home Medical Equipment Company

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