Achieving Meaningful Use of Member Portals

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Part one of this two-part white paper series examined the enormous positive impact that member portals hosted by health insurers can have on the health of its members and on the health care environment in its entirety. However, there are many challenges to successful member portal adoption:

  • Major data breaches can tarnish the benefits of easily accessible health information if member identities are stolen, benefits are used by impersonators, or credit is damaged.
  • Between spam filters, junk mail, and the competing busyness of life, it’s paramount that the members have an intuitive method of enrollment.
  • Members also want to avoid cumbersome and intrusive user experiences. If accessing the portal is perceived as a hassle that requires answering a long list of personal questions, members may lose interest.

So how is it possible to provide a member portal enrollment process that is easy to access and layered with security at the same time? Learn more by downloading our white paper.

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