Big Data in Healthcare Fuel Deeper Understanding of Health Risks

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Big data in healthcare involving social determinants of health fuels a deeper understanding of health risk for more engagement with members and better health outcomes

It is becoming increasingly apparent that big data in healthcare, mainly derived from social determinants of health, should be integrated into the prediction of healthcare outcomes such as those affected by stress, motivation, medication adherence, readmissions and disease complications. All are extremely important in the population health management arena, and social determinants of health data could be a game-changer in improving healthcare outcomes and curbing rising costs.

LexisNexis believes the healthcare industry should remain focused on socioeconomic data because that data is reliable and can be consistently accessed when sourced from public and proprietary records. Learn more about big data and social determinants of health are changing the healthcare landscape by downloading our white paper.


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Understanding the Impact Socioeconomic Data Can Have on Health Outcomes

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