Confronting Fraud at the Call Center Whitepaper

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Disconnect call center fraud attempts with an integrated defense

Dialing for dollars has taken on a whole new meaning for increasingly inventive fraudsters. The call center has become a vulnerable target as fraudsters use Social Engineering and Phone Fraud schemes to perpetrate Application Fraud and Account Take Over Fraud.

Do you need to tighten up call center security?

Explore this in-depth overview of the current trends and tactics behind call center fraud to see exactly how it is impacting financial institutions across the US. The whitepaper delivers detailed insights into:

  • How fraudsters exploit call centers
  • Steps you can take to tighten up call center security
  • Methods to combat fraud without compromising legitimate customer interactions

You’ll learn about the fraud methods fueling call center fraud and understand how augmented authentication protocols can form the foundation of an integrated defense strategy.

Get the details on how to end fraudsters' evasive call center fraud techniques. Download the whitepaper today.