Six Myths About Social Determinants of Health

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Find the truth and separate the myths about social determinants of health data. When integrated into existing analytical models, it becomes vital for healthcare risk prediction.

Healthcare providers are now at a crucial crossroad that demands greater predictive accuracy of healthcare risk. With a continuing move towards value-based care that emphasizes quality health outcomes, new risk-shifting healthcare delivery and payment models, and decreased budgets with limited resources, patient stratification and proactive intervention have become paramount. This is all occurring at a time when at least 25 cents of every healthcare dollar is spent on the treatment of diseases or disabilities that result from potentially-changeable behavior.

While the value of social determinants of health data is becoming clearer, defining what data provides insight into social determinants of health and how to use it is far less so. Learn to find the truth and separate the myths on what socioeconomic data is and isn’t and how healthcare organizations can tell the difference.

Download our white paper about the top six myths about social determinants of health and learn why this data is critical to better understand and manage health risk.

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