LexisNexis® Attract for Telematics

Filter, normalize and contextualize telematics data from multiple sources for consistent scoring

Rate and score driving data from varying programs or devices.

Leverage our scoring methodology to protect your usage-based insurance (UBI) investment.

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Device-agnostic Scoring
Score driving data from multiple data sources.

Improved Business Results
Get deeper analysis and better risk prediction to drive transformational expense or loss ratio management and consumer price segmentation.

Build on Existing UBI Programs
Regardless of driving data capture method - take advantage of LexisNexis world-leading scoring and analytics capabilities.


Consistent Scoring and Rating
With LexisNexis Attract for Telematics, you can achieve consistent scoring and rating, regardless of your type of usage-based insurance (UBI) program.

Ubiquitous Data Analytics
Through unique filtering, contextualizing and data normalizing capabilities, Attract for Telematics delivers consistent scoring from multiple data sources (or multiple UBI providers) into a single format that you can rate conveniently.

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