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Find the latest news and insights on how organizations are harnessing the power of data in the healthcare industry. We aim to provide valuable insights for healthcare professionals who are continually seeking innovative ways to leverage data to advance their organizations. When the right data aligns with the right technologies, healthcare organizations can turn complexity into opportunity. Our blog covers a wide array of topics to keep you informed and empower you to make better decisions.

Whole Person Data

Whole Person Data & Insights

Gain perspective of the entire healthcare journey. Use more accurate and complete information to connect with and engage your patients and members to improve health.


Population Health Data

Population Health Data & Insights

Uncover hidden gaps and inefficiencies to improve care coordination and access to care, strengthen inclusion efforts and foster health equity initiatives, while driving more positive interactions and improved health outcomes.

Real-World Data

Real-World Data & Insights

Unlock compliant, clinically-validated RWD for research, insights and decision making. Combine comprehensive social determinants of health (SDoH), medical claims and mortality data with precise matching to advance inclusive research strategies and improve health outcomes for all.
Identity Verification Data

Identity Verification

Safeguard sensitive healthcare data and protect systems from unauthorized access. Deliver a near-frictionless login experience for patients and members with dynamic identity authentication that ‘steps up’ friction’ when identity risk is detected.

Provider Data Management

Provider Data Management

Comply with state and federal dispensing regulations and ensure patient care from credentialed providers and validated prescribers with industry-leading provider intelligence. Every day the nation’s leading healthcare organizations rely on our accurate, integrated provider data and integrated workflow solutions.
Healthcare Market Data

Healthcare Market Data & Insights

Our vast data resources and intelligence set delivers insights to fuel acquisition and retention efforts, go-to-market planning, network and facility optimization and market growth planning to support improved operations and enhanced health outcomes.

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