FAQ for UK Consumers – Business Services

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is part of the RELX Group™ of companies which is publicly listed, with shares traded on the London Stock ExchangeAmsterdam Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange (London: REL, Amsterdam: REN, New York: RELX).

We use personal data to help our business customers analyse and predict risk in a number of different business sectors.

For example, when you apply for services from credit, insurance or utility providers, retailers, or other organisations they might ask you to provide identification and answer certain questions such as your previous address. Our products allow our Customers to check this information against our databases to confirm that you are who you say you are.

Checking your information also assists them in complying with regulations such as anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery and corruption or other legal requirements; to help them to prevent and investigate fraud and other potential offences, to assist them with the management and accuracy of their own customer records and accounts; and help them to trace individuals for legally necessary purposes such as debt collection, asset reunification and process serving. 

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is registered with the Information Commissioners Office in the UK.

We do not use or sell your information for marketing purposes and any Customers which access our information go through a thorough credentialing process to ensure they have a legitimate purpose for processing personal data. 
We collect personal information from a variety of sources including publicly-available sources such as the Electoral Register, Companies House, Her Majesty’s Land Registry, County and High Court Judgments and other third party trusted commercial sources.

The amount of information we hold varies from person to person. However the categories of personal data we collect include name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address and company directorships.

For a full list, please see our processing notice.

If you would like a copy of the personal information, we hold on to you, please click here to submit a request.

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Please click here to submit a request to view the personal information we hold for you. We will request proof of your identity to confirm you are who you say you are.

We have 1 calendar month to respond from receipt of your request. For more information on time limits, the ICO has some guidance here.

For U.S. Privacy requests, click here to submit online.

We, at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, do not perform or facilitate any credit checks. We provide identity verification and anti-money laundering solutions to help companies perform their due diligence checks.

On your credit report, two names should be shown as follows:


This means that the company named after LexisNexis/Tracesmart has made a check using our products. Those checks are not credit checks, they are identity checks and leave what’s called a soft print of your credit report. This is recorded in your credit history, but is only visible to you and not visible to lenders and therefore don’t affect your credit score.

However, if the footprint mentions only LexisNexis it would be related to insurance services meaning an insurance company would have carried out an identity check on you. This could be due to you getting insurance quotes or your current insurance provider checking if your address hasn’t changed.

This is also pretty common if you have visited any insurance comparison website as part of their terms and conditions, it will be mentioned that your identity will be checked.

You can find more information about this using the following link https://risk.lexisnexis.com/corporate/processing-notices/insurance-faq.

A Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)is an individual in prominent public function that presents a higher risk for involvement in bribery or corruption, as defined under the Financial Action Task Force Recommendations.

The PEP information that we hold may simply be a match on your name but it does not necessarily mean you are the same person. 

This is similar to performing a search on a search engine like Google.  In most occasions, a number of profiles will be located for the name that is entered.  Google is not indicating that all of the profiles found are that of the actual person that is being searched for.

The records highlight that you may be asked for additional information when applying for credit/products, as your name is matched with a PEP or sanctioned individual.

If you have matched the name of a PEP and would like us to confirm that this status does/doesn’t relate to yourself, please provide proof of your date of birth and a photographic identification document. This will allow us to confirm if the data we hold relates to yourself, and if it does, you would be able to submit a data dispute for consideration. 

If you would like to get in touch, please click here to submit a request.

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There are many reasons you may have received a call for another individual, for example:

  • The number could have previously belonged to another individual
  • It could have been entered incorrectly by another individual

If you are receiving calls for another person, please click here to submit a request so that we can look into this for you. Please advise us of the phone number you are receiving the calls on and the name of the person the caller is looking for.

For U.S. Privacy requests, click here to submit online.

The accuracy of personal data we hold is of upmost importance to us so we will investigate any report of inaccurate data as a priority. When challenging the accuracy of your data that you want corrected. You should:

  • State clearly what you believe is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Explain how the organisation should correct it
  • Where available, provide evidence of the inaccuracies

More information on this right can be found on the ICO’s website, here.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions do not make decisions for any of our customers as to whether you should be approved access to their products or services. Rather, our services are one of the tools and processes used by our Customers for their particular purposes.
However, if you believe the information, we hold for you is incorrect, please click here to let us know.
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How can I get in touch?

If you would like to get in touch, please click here to submit a request.

For U.S. Privacy requests, click here to submit online.

Processing Notices

The below link will take you to the processing notices held for LexisNexis Risk Solutions. This provides the privacy information for the company and may be useful to understand the sources from which we obtain personal data, the types of information held, how it may be used and why.