Making A Difference To Society

Corporate Responsibility

It’s the way we do business

As a company, we work hard to increase our positive impact and reduce any negative impact. It ensures good management of risks and opportunities, helps us attract and retain the best people and strengthens our corporate reputation. It means performing to the highest commercial and ethical standards and channelling our knowledge and strengths, as global leaders in our industries, to make a difference to society.

Our Vision

We are committed to making a positive impact in our industries and our communities, and attracting and retaining the very best people with a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

Performing to the highest commercial and ethical standards and channelling our knowledge and strengths, as global leaders in our industries, helps us make a difference to society.

Our Programs



We care deeply about positively impacting local and global communities. 

We demonstrate our commitment by providing time and financial contributions to make a difference. 

Our central focus is education for disadvantaged young people with a focus on one or more of our unique contributions.

Volunteerism remains the cornerstone of our community involvement strategy. We are committed to providing our employees with the opportunity to volunteer in their local communities.

Through our Cares program, employees are offered two days off to volunteer with non-profit organizations of their choice.

From sharing our expertise – providing charities with skills such as web development and content creation that non-profits would struggle to fund from their own budgets – to team challenge days where we work on various on-site projects for a wide range of charities, we proactively take time out to make a positive impact on our local communities.

We Care

In 2022, our employees recorded over 42,000 volunteer hours through our Cares Program. These hours include time taken during work to give back to our communities.

Working with the UN

Corporate social responsibility is vitally important to who we are as a company. Our policies are shared with our parent company, RELX, to ensure that we uphold the principles and responsibilities of good corporate citizenship.

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Our employees have the right to a healthy and safe workplace and as well as complying with all employee-related reporting requirements, we’re also committed to promoting workplace wellbeing of our employees.

We’re passionate about health and wellbeing as they’re such important enablers to living a fulfilling and purposeful life, and as a caring employer we want to do what we can to help keep our employees physically and emotionally happy.

We host monthly global Virtual Vitality Days, as well as  webinars, fitness classes.  We offer gym discounts and free mindfulness apps. We train our people to be mental health champions and have rolled out mental health training for our employees. The wellbeing of our global employees is very important to us and we offer several paths to help with your well being, including monthly global Virtual Vitality Days, webinars and fitness classes.


We aim to make a positive impact through our environmental policies, helping spread good practice.

Our environmental targets can be found along with full performance data in on the RELX website.

Our Environmental Champions network, employee-led Green Teams and networks provide significant insight into managing our environmental impacts, and our group’s Environmental Standards programme sets benchmark performance and inspires green competition between offices.

Our Commitment to Protecting Human Rights
Modern Slavery Act Statement

Modern slavery is the exploitation of another person for commercial or personal gain. It is an umbrella term for human trafficking, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced and bonded labor. We stand against all forms of slavery and human trafficking. We do not tolerate it in any part of our business, including our supply chain
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The ADAM™ Program
ADAM: Automated Delivery of Alerts on Missing children.

The ADAM Program was developed by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions associates and donated specifically to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). It helps distribute posters of missing and at-risk children across targeted areas quickly enough to be effective, sending alerts to targeted recipients within minutes.

  • Over 190 missing children recovered - ADAM alerts can target areas within minutes, distributing over 130,000 posters a month.
  • Community involvement - Recipients include police departments, news media, hospitals, schools, social services and private enterprises, and registered individuals.
  • When time matters - With the ADAM Program, NCMEC can deliver missing children posters the same day the child is reported missing.

In a recent recovery, NCMEC distributed posters through the ADAM Program searching for a missing 15 year-old female who was last seen at her Colorado residence. The child was recovered after a medical center employee recognized the child from the ADAM poster they had received earlier in the day. The child was reunited with her family who said they were grateful for the poster distribution.

We have a longstanding commitment to using "Data for Good," and are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to solve some of the most important problems society faces.

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ADAM enhances our photo distribution efforts by rapidly distributing images and information about missing children to targeted areas. The program is a key component of our recovery efforts.

Callahan Walsh

Spokesman for NCMEC