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Mission-critical government initiatives demand quality data management practices.

Efficiency. Customer experience. Program integrity. It all starts with current, complete insight.
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Don’t just leverage data — lead with it.

LexisNexis Government Data Quality Management solutions help you cleanse, enrich and connect your data to set the stage for success.

Strong data management is an instrument to better service, reduced operational risk and tighter control of waste, fraud and abuse. But the fluid nature of constituent data, and its use across disparate systems and manual processes, make data quality management (DQM) challenging for government agencies. 

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps federal, state and local governments harness high quality data elements, powerful linking, machine learning and analytics for better data governance. Manage the ever-growing expanse of data to find correlations and spot trends.

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Government Data Quality Management | LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

Data Quality Management Challenges We Address

 A number of factors contribute to data quality issues. Government agencies at all levels—federal state and local—accumulate terabytes of data. Much of that data is self-reported by individuals, businesses and outside organizations. But self-reported (or manually entered) data is subject to errors and omissions. In addition to input issues, data quality can quickly erode as people move, change names, change jobs, etc. Without a dedicated, centralized data management resource to validate all that data and keep it current, data quality challenges can quickly lead to larger strategic and operational missteps. Big decisions get made based on a shaky foundation of insight.  

If the pain of dynamic data isn’t enough, the use of multiple systems and formats can lead to duplicate, or often conflicting, information on an individual or entity. Cleaning up one database does nothing if updates aren’t universally applied.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps government solve these kinds of big data issues, dismantling data silos, de-duplicating information and establishing a more confident, complete golden record. This leads to more efficiency and better decision-making for the organization and greater consistency of experience for the individuals with whom you transact. We draw from expansive, current data sets (public records, internal government databases, credit bureaus and alternative data) — then leverage our proprietary LexID® linking technology to resolve all those data points down to a single individual or entity. And because our linking technology is dynamic, it continuously ingests and links new data, surfacing the most current and relevant information. 

LexisNexis can help make your data quality and consistency goals a reality. Get better end-to-end visibility and support master data management initiatives. Enable streamlined business processes, ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations, and support data sharing in a secure environment. Create a strong data foundation for digital citizen experience and other digital transformation initiatives.
Industry-leading Data Repositories

Industry-Leading Data Repositories: The First Step in DQM

We maintain over 84B records from 10,000+ sources
Powerful Identity Resolution

Powerful Identity Resolution

Our LexID® linking technology resolves down to a unique identity with 99.99% accuracy
Support Data Sharing and Privacy Initiatives

Support Data Sharing and Privacy Initiatives

LexID® is a non-SSN/non-FEIN identifier that helps support data sharing while mitigating exposure of personal information

Data quality isn’t just about recency or accuracy, but also about completeness. Close gaps and deepen your governmental view on individuals and businesses. With LexisNexis®️ Risk Solutions Data Enrichment, get a more complete view of your constituents and third parties — layering on data types like demographics and points of contact, to assets, bankruptcies, liens and judgments — to help drive better data-driven decisioning. We draw from 87 billion public and proprietary records from more than 10,000 data sources, pairing the data with advanced analytics. 

Whether to facilitate more productive constituent outreach, control spending across state programs, personalize interactions, or protect against financial, reputational or other risks, improved data quality management is key:
  • Get deeper insights into individuals to help improve service and benefits delivery. This includes social determinants of health for government healthcare organizations. 
  • See the relationships between data elements and between individuals and entities. Extend visibility beyond individuals to their households and other relatives/associates.
  • Explore the benefits of advanced analytics solutions — including artificial intelligence and predictive analytics — with more complete, higher quality data.

Strengthen Program Integrity with a Clearer Constituent View

Strengthen Program Integrity with a Clearer Constituent View

Link attributes from various databases to uncover unknown relationships between individuals and entities
Proven Savings with Contributory Databases

Optimize Outreach, Reduce Costs of Outbound Communication

Add current contact details like phone number, address, email and more — and reduce wasted effort on outdated information
Access Clinically Validated Social Determinants of Health

Access Clinically Validated Social Determinants of Health

Predict risk, identify barriers to care, reduce costs and more with attributes directly correlated to specific health outcomes

Accurate decisions are fueled by precise business data, analytics and insights. But sound decision-making can be impeded by inaccurate, outdated or limited business data—data that is often self-reported.

Go beyond bad data and limited views by quickly adding critical business attributes that help create an optimized 360-degree view of a business entity and the people associated with it. See what state a business was registered in. Confirm it is active. Get details like Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and industry classification. Identify Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) and other authorized representatives. See the multiple layers of a business, and more.

LexisNexis® Business Data Accuracy solutions leverage big data—over six petabytes of it—paired with advanced linking technology and high-performance computing, to help you build more robust business profiles across your agency. Automate updates, cross-checking and pulling in any relevant new data for thousands, even millions of records, in a rapid batch format. Improve data quality and go beyond surface-level views of business users and third-party partners to optimize agency performance, while minimizing risk.

More Business Data Than Other Providers

More Business Data Than Other Providers

We have data on 25% more businesses and 60% more small businesses, helping you create deeper business profiles
Connect Data In Various Ways Leveraging Multiple LexIDs

Connect Data In Various Ways Leveraging LexID® Business

Our LexID® Business enrichment packs include: LexID® Business Extended Family,  LexID® Business Legal Family and the LexID® Business Legal Entity 

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