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Increase protection and collections with a strong identity strategy

Spot fraudsters and mitigate identity theft risk. Discover and help people meet their tax responsibilities. 

Tax and Revenue


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Whether collecting tax revenue or protecting citizens against identity theft, efficiency is critical.

Tax and Revenue agencies are strapped for resources and need to meet big demands without added overhead. Build muscle with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions. We help you more quickly and efficiently detect tax fraud, identify non-filers, maximize collection efforts and add lift to agency resources.

Advance your mission: Leverage one of the largest repositories of identifying information in the U.S. and the power of proven linking and analytics platforms.
Personal income tax

Solve Critical Needs in Tax and Revenue Operations


Identity Assessment & AssuranceIdentity Assessment & Assurance

Identity Assessment & Assurance

Combine multi-dimensional physical and digital identity intelligence, contributory insights and dynamic,
risk-based authentication to ultimately build identity trust.
Fraud Detection & PreventionFraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Bolster and simplify fraud investigations using data analytics and intelligence on people, entities and their networks to surface fraud vectors and intricate fraud schemes. 

Business Risk Assessment

Get a 360 degree view with dynamic intelligence – including global insights on entities, people and their hidden connections.

Payment & Collections

Recover more revenue from debtors and overpayments. Sharp insight leads the way.




Challenges We Address

Reduce friction and empower self-serviceOptimize ways to detect, investigate and collect Prevent increasingly complex fraud and protect program integrity


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Tax and Revenue by the Numbers


Verify More Individuals Immediately

Our digital and physical identity solutions help you verify up to 99.4% of filers instantly.


Uncover More SMBs

We can help you identify more businesses, even if they don’t self-report.

40 years revised

Lean On Our Expertise In Compliant Data Management

We have the industry’s only FCRA-regulated collections solution, Accurint for Government Collections. 

Insights and Resources


LexisNexis Tax Refund Investigative Solution (TRIS)

Learn how our solution helped 11 states save over $500M.

Identity Theft & Tax Refund Fraud at The State Level

Understand the perspectives of state governments and taxpayers.

Framing the Business Tax Compliance Landscape

Gain a better understanding of the landscape with viewpoints from 29 states.
White Paper

Collecting on the Uncollectable

Find out the hidden cause of untapped revenue in government collection.
News Article

Cook County (Ill.) Sniffs Out Tax Evasion With Analytics

Read how we helped their Assessor’s Office recapture $26M in property tax fraud.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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