Identity Verification for  an Exceptional Healthcare Experience

Protecting valuable healthcare data, safeguarding systems from unauthorized access and delivering an exceptional user experience are essential in the healthcare industry.
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Identity Verification for Healthcare


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Deliver an exceptional
digital healthcare experience

A one-size-fits-all approach to identification and authentication is impractical; you don’t want to force your low-risk, easily identified patients and members to clear tedious hurdles every time they visit your portal.

On the other hand, if your portal security measures are too simple, you’re inviting unauthorized users into your ecosystem. Identity management authentication should be based on risk assessment. Security processes must automatically adjust to the threat-level posed by the individual and the digital interaction.

With flexible, customizable identity validation tools, your organization can automatically personalize the level of authentication based on relevant risk signals and identity intelligence, all while minimizing friction for your valued users.

Manage user friction and identity risk

Identity proofing should be based on risk assessment. By creating a physical and digital identity profile of each user, you can passively adjust your security processes to the threat-level posed by the individual and the digital interaction. By optimizing your online portals and healthcare tools with HIPPA-compliant identity proofing,

you’ll discover a better way to manage user friction and identity risk.

Identity Verification

Industry-leading identity verification
and authentication

Reduce risk of unauthorized access to your online portals
by creating a physical and digital identity profile of each patient or member.

Integrated portal security to
complement IAM platforms

Maximize portal experiences with each login to build loyalty and engagement with every patient or member interaction.

Healthcare Patient Information Security

'Step-up' security measures that
adapt to every account creation
and login attempt

Treat patients and members like family and activate customized 'step-up' security measures, all from on
dynamic decisioning platform.

Better Data.

Our comprehensive data and integrated technologies power our sophisticated identity solutions. Give your users a near frictionless experience while knowing your systems and data portals have an additional layer of protection from unauthorized access. 

Our proprietary LexID® technology links disparate data on nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population from over 10,000 data sources to resolve to a single identity. Our dynamic platform enables our authentication solutions to make instant,riskbased identity decisions to help keep healthcare portals secure. Our adaptive authentication engine uses machine learning to apply appropriate friction to balance risk while providing a familiar experience for patients and members. Additional capabilities are available to build a truly custom verification and authentication solution including:

  • Behavioral Biometrics that can detect high-value risk signals from a user’s behavior on their device
  • Knowledge-based authentication for an additional layer of interactive identity-proofing
  • Email intelligence that identifies and prevents malicious enrollment attempts on your portal by detecting stolen and fraudulent email addresses
  • Authentication one-time password codes sent directly to user devices

Safeguard privacy while providing exceptional digital experiences

Identity Verification Insights and Resources

White Paper

Knowledge Based Authentication in Healthcare

KBA integrated with Epic's MyChart patient portal has improved security, increased enrollment, and expedited the process for scheduling patient vaccinations.

Leader in Forrester Wave™ Identity Verification Solutions

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is ranked a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Identity Verification Solutions, Q4 2022
Cybersecurity Tips
White Paper

Top 10 Healthcare Cybersecurity Tips

Consumerism and interoperability are just two reasons why healthcare cybersecurity must evolve and adapt. Healthcare needs protection and an easy user experience.  Read this e-book to see how organizations can have it all if they use digital identity attributes to identify bad actors, without bothering trusted users.

You Can Trust

Every day, leading healthcare organizations trust LexisNexis Risk Solutions for the insights to help them make critical decisions to optimize business operations and improve health outcomes.

As a preferred partner for organizations across the healthcare industry, we verify and authenticate identities with our comprehensive data assets, robust identity linking and decisioning technology.


LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® helps healthcare organizations understand the digital DNA of users to spot suspicious behavior. It does this through leveraging device assessment capabilities paired with behavioral biometrics and a sophisticated contributory network to ensure that the person and the device being used to facilitate a transaction have not been compromised. 
LexisNexis® InstantID® Q&A can help put safeguards in place to protect patient and member data without creating unnecessary inconvenience to individuals with the right to access the data. It uses additional layers of interactive, knowledge-based authentication, a highly effective security process that confirms an individual’s identity based on their answers to questions regarding personal information the true person should know.
LexisNexis® InstantID® compares enrollment data to vast quantities of public records data, gathered from thousands of reliable sources, to identify potential inaccuracies in the enrollment information being collected and submitted to the health plan. This allows you to reveal inconsistencies in applicant and account information that are not evident in standard verification and validation processes.
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Patient Digital Experience Curve

Identifying and
Classifying Risks Enables a
Balanced Patient Experience

Create your ideal patient experience that balances risk tolerance and patient friction.


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