LexisNexis Data Prefill Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Harness the power of high-quality data and advanced analytics for a more accurate picture of the risk.

Data Prefill


More of the right data. Better insights. Greater confidence.

Data prefill solutions from LexisNexis leverage vast public and proprietary data stores and patented linking technology to provide more complete and accurate information so that you can process quotes, applications or claims quickly and with confidence.

Auto Insurers

Access robust data delivered through a streamlined quoting process that considers both the driver and the vehicle.

Commercial Insurers

Automate your process and speed up your quote turnaround times to deliver a positive customer experience.

Home Insurers

Leverage our existing data sets to provide a robust view of total risk. Verify data, don't collect it.

Life Insurers

Streamline your application process to reduce the time and cost of capturing the data you need to properly evaluate
your submission. 

Claims Professionals

Shorten claim cycle times, lower your ULAE, and improve customer satisfaction.

Insurance Technology Organizations

Integrate your products into insurers’ workflows, while offering a positive customer experience.

Benefits of LexisNexis Data Prefill Solutions

With just a few customer data points, our prefill solutions pre-populate applications and claims for insurance carriers and other organizations in the insurance ecosystem. We draw from the largest source of trusted industry data and apply our advanced analytics to instantaneously deliver rich insights for better risk decision-making, streamlined workflows and improved customer experience.

Speed and Efficiency

Access more correct information up front to reduce errors and time spent on data entry.


Increase policy volume and reduce premium leakage by pricing more precisely and ensuring you have the right details the
first time.

Cross-Sell Potential

Tap into comprehensive attributes and vast data assets to easily identify and suggest relevant products and drive
additional business.

Customer Satisfaction

Meet customer expectations for automation and direct service, and eliminate unnecessary back and forth or reworks due to incorrect or missing data.

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The Impact of More Data

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Find out how our data prefill solutions can help your business.

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