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Increase collections success and boost profitability

Debt recovery requires in-depth data and informed strategies. You can waste significant time and money when contacts can’t or won’t repay; meanwhile, you miss opportunities to collect on accounts before other collectors beat you to available funds or the debtor files for bankruptcy.

If you can get to the debtor faster, you’ll be better able to collect on more accounts, quickly and profitably. And you’ll be able to more swiftly identify any trends that may call for a change in the strategy.

Prioritizing which accounts to pursue — those most likely to pay up and with the highest payment potential — can greatly improve efficiency and increase collections.

To make savvy collections decisions and successfully pursue debtors, the data you rely on must not only be current and complete; it must also comply with Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) regulations. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a comprehensive array of tools to provide you with the data you need to optimize your collections success and be compliant.

Streamline your collections workflow

Smarter searches drive stronger decisions. LexisNexis® Accurint® for Collections Decisioning Workflow combines the power of robust FCRA-regulated data with advanced linking technology to help you quickly access data sets that can inform your collections decisions.

Learn critical details such as:

  • Debtor’s ability to repay
  • Eligibility for repayment plan
  • Feasible payoff amounts

The Decisioning workflow accesses public and proprietary data from thousands of reliable sources. It delivers information in a succinct, rank-ordered output to drive better decisions and allow you to concentrate resources on accounts where you’ll get the best results.

Rank accounts based on payment score

The ability to predict whether a customer is likely to repay their debt within the next three months as well as how much they will repay can be expressed in a single data-based score. From there, you can easily rank-order your accounts, prioritizing those with the highest score. You’ll minimize wasted resources on unproductive accounts while pursuing those accounts with the best potential returns.

LexisNexis® Payment Score accesses 33 billion public records built from more than 2,000 sources to provide unique insight into a debtor’s propensity to repay.

Payment Score delivers critical insights that help you:

  • Identify accounts most likely to pay up and pay the most
  • Optimize resources by streamlining portfolio management
  • Make sound decisions based on proven data insights
  • Determine the most effective route to profitable recovery

Make smart litigation decisions

Not every case is worth litigating. It’s easy to waste considerable resources pursuing collection from delinquent accounts that are unable or unlikely to ever repay the debt. So it makes sense to investigate a consumer’s ability to repay their financial obligation before taking them to court.

Our Paymetrix Solutions Suite can help inform your litigation decisions. It consists of PAYMETRIX™ AD and PAYMETRIX™ AI.

Use PAYMETRIX™ AD to determine a consumer’s ability to pay a financial debt. A suit-decisioning tool that uses proprietary technology, it examines cost vs. benefit for pursuing legal action. With the information it provides, you can create efficient litigation strategies that maximize returns.

PAYMETRIX™ AI is a proprietary asset search model that can be used in pre- or post-litigation collection. It identifies previously undiscovered consumer assets. You’re able to determine the likely profitability of a suit decision and the best way to quickly satisfy a judgment. It can help you:

  • Uncover hidden assets
  • Confirm the accuracy of data across many sources
  • Transform that data into useful, actionable information
  • Increase recovery from receivable portfolios that were previously exhausted

Paymetrix AD and Paymetrix AI can have a significant positive impact on your litigation strategy. The full Paymetrix Solutions Suite also includes Profitability Index, Verified Employment, Verified Property and Verified Bank Account.

Get Fully Verified Employment Data

Employment data often offers your best chance for recouping delinquent debt. But the data must be robust and reliable if you’re to optimize your recovery efforts.

The Work Number®, a solution offered through Equifax Workforce Solutions, is a batch and online service. It takes a consumer’s basic contact details and then seeks to return verified Place of Employment information as well as employer contact information, job title, tenure and more. The data comes directly from company payrolls and is updated every pay period.

If a volume batch process isn’t needed, WorkPlace Locator can be the ideal tool for finding right-party contacts at their place of employment. Using vast data sources augmented with data from our proprietary database, it delivers current employer name and address, employer phone numbers and options for spouse’s employer information.

Once you obtain employment information, whether through the Work Number or WorkPlace Locator, you can:

  • Determine which accounts offer the best chance of debt recovery
  • Use details as leverage in conversations with debtors
  • Decide whether it makes sense to pursue a lawsuit
  • File garnishment requests with the employer to satisfy a judgment

Leveraging advanced analytics and thousands of proven information sources, our employment data solutions provide you with the essential workplace information you need for efficient collections.

Decisioning Workflow
Access data sets that inform your collections decisions including debtor’s ability to repay and eligibility for repayment plan.

Payment Score
A simple score tells you how likely a consumer is to pay up. Rank accounts and focus on those offering the best chance for repayment with the most dollars.

Litigation Decisions
Determine a consumer’s ability to pay a financial debt and whether pursuing a lawsuit will provide a collection return worthy of legal costs.

Find Assets
Effective suit-decisioning and judgment collection involves knowing what assets the debtor has. The ability to uncover hidden assets is a game-changer. 

Employment Information
Whether via batch service or individual search, place of employment data can make it easy to contact debtors for repayment and also file for wage garnishment.

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