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Build a More Complete Picture of Consumer Credit Risk

Leverage enhanced granularity and unique insights for powerful, predictive lift in credit risk models.
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LexisNexis® RiskView™ Attributes


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350+ Next-Generation Insights Help Improve Credit Risk Assessment

Granular alternative data sets can help drive more confident decisions.

LexisNexis® RiskView™ Attributes provides custom credit risk models and strategies, which you can incorporate when building and refining custom credit risk models. RiskView Attributes provide coverage of 99% of the U.S. adult population — enabling you to gain a more robust view of consumer creditworthiness — especially among no-hit and thin-file “credit invisible” populations.

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Optimize pre-screen campaign


Improve segmentation among
consumers with similar risk profiles

Person approved

Approve more people
without increasing risk

Enhance risk modeling performance across the credit spectrum

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Increase financial

Assess traditionally unscorable consumers with no-hit or thin-file credit histories.
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Clarify decisions on
consumers on the margin

Maximize acceptance rates while managing risk exposure with improved predictive capabilities for near-prime applicants.
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Refine assessment
of prime consumers

Refine offers for applicants in highly competitive bands by improving risk segmentation within traditional credit score bands.

Identify, evaluate and score 50 million more consumers
than traditional credit scoring solutions.

Improve risk assessment at every stage of the customer life cycle

Customer lifecycle

Expand your addressable
market by identifying
overlooked target

Increase approvals,
manage risk and deliver
more competitive,
profitable offers.

Identify opportunities to
grow customer relationships
and manage evolving risk.

Develop customizable
outreach strategies to best
rehabilitate delinquent

More unique insights. Greater granularity. More confident decisions.

350+ best-in-class attributes help you gain a full picture of your consumers. 
Incorporate detailed alternative credit data and non-credit event data into your models.

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Alternative credit seeking insights


Asset insights


Public records

Identification card

Identity insights

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Leverage unique insights and greater granularity

Learn more about how RiskView Attributes can help you at every stage of the customer life cycle.
RiskView Attributes

Deliver powerful, predictive credit assessments

Learn how RiskView Attributes can help you capture a more complete view of consumer credit risk.

Expand your perspective on consumer credit risk.

Ready to improve credit risk assessment across the customer life cycle?

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