Lift the Obstacles to Optimize Medicaid Program Management

Sophisticated data tools improve understanding of member health, promote equity and drive cost savings

Gain a 360-degree view for better care outcomes

Find connections between individuals and providers. Bridge gaps for better program integrity and care outcomes. 

Inconsistent views between agencies and vendors make Medicaid quality assurance an uphill battle. You oversee multiple managed care organizations (MCOs) each with their own databases, processes and tech stacks. All important information — but its value depends on having a holistic 360-degree view to improve outcomes.

Our solutions streamline data access from different sources and amalgamate it into meaningful and actionable insight. It’s the strong data foundation and control you need to optimize the delivery of services and program integrity — while shepherding higher quality care and population health improvement.

Take the opportunity to improve access to health services and health outcomes and reduce health disparities through quality data management practices

Solutions for Medicaid Decisionmakers

Identity Assessment & AssuranceIdentity Assessment & Assurance

Identity Assessment & Assurance

Combine multi-dimensional physical and digital identity intelligence, contributory insights and dynamic, risk-based authentication to ultimately build identity trust.
Fraud Detection & PreventionFraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Bolster and simplify fraud investigations using data analytics and intelligence on people, entities and their networks to surface fraud vectors and intricate fraud schemes. 
Data Quality ManagementData Quality Management

Data Quality Management

Cleanse, enrich and connect your data to help your agency break down silos and set the stage for success.

Challenges We Address

Reduce friction and streamline eligibility decisioning Strengthen population health initiatives, enhance interoperability and member views Simplify Medicaid unwinding processes
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Achieve Improved Medicaid Outcomes

health care fraud prevention

Comprehensive Coverage of Providers

Access data on more than 9M U.S. healthcare practitioners and 1.5M facilities

CDC continues to increase its focus on the country's overall health care system and disease control

Standardize Data Sets 

See connections between people and providers, uncovered by our proprietary LexID®️ unique identifier that resolves identities with over 99.99% precision

public disease and disease control center

Ensure Your Program Data is Up to Date 

Rely on our continuous data monitoring that activates more than 80M record updates per month from public records, internal government databases, credit bureaus and alternative data sources

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions for Public Health Agencies

Better Understand Your Population with Critical Social Risk Data and Insights

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