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AmplifyID™ Master Person Index

For Government 
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Precise identity resolution and data linking for person-centered, coordinated care

Take a next-generation approach to deliver better care through cross-program coordination 

Every day, innovative technology from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions empowers opportunities to better serve those in need. Referential linking capabilities, process monitoring, and comprehensive proprietary datasets create more complete pictures of people and provide expanded views for better care.

In today’s connected world, “identity” can mean many things — a person’s name, their driver’s license, date of birth, Medicaid/Social Services program number, health condition, etc. We understand that people are so much more than those types of identifiers.

AmplifyID™ Master Person Index equips government health and human service agencies through:

  • A consistent, timely view of an individual across health and human/social programs
  • Increased agency coordination

The results are better outcomes, greater access to services, and cost effectiveness.

Our AmplifyIDTM Master Person Index has been designed specifically for public agencies, using industry leading linking technology. Users benefit from:

  • Continuously updated data on beneficiaries for Health and Human Services agencies
  • Precision linking, to avoid missing or mismatching individuals
  • Data that includes people with limited credit history, or who otherwise have limited available information—often the most vulnerable in our society

In short, we connect all of a person’s data points and link them with the services they may need so they can lead safer, healthier, and fuller lives.

Why AmplifyID™ Master Person Index?

AmplifyIDTM  is the first technology of its kind specifically designed for government agencies. 
AmplifyIDTM uses LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ proven SALT technology built on statistical probability and machine learning. SALT can detect mismatches, duplicates, and non-obvious relationships across health and human services programs with confidence using referential data, probability for a smarter, whole-person approach to care delivery.
Other solutions leverage credit data that may be missing vulnerable populations. AmplifyID™ Master Person Index links minors and individuals with little or no credit record with confidence, so you can avoid service gaps.
Maintain HIPAA compliance and keep control of data matching resolution with customer override and remediation for your owned data. Make the final determination in data resolution when necessary.  

Next-Generation Technology for Unparalleled Linking Precision

Virtually Eliminate False Matches

Missed matches or false positives can lead to a number of issues for government agencies and the communities they serve. Many things can lead to false positive or false negative matches, including:

  • Changes in a person’s identifying information, such as moving addresses or changing a name
  • Typos or differences in name data, including middle initials and online personas
  • Similar information between different individuals
  • Non-standard data formatting across systems
  • Fraud
  • And many more…

AmplifyIDTM Master Person Index offers a numerical confidence level for every match, expressed as a percentage. Agencies can remediate if they have questions or updated data.

linking precision
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Dynamic Machine Learning Powered by Proprietary SALT Technology

AmplifyIDTM Master Person Index is built on LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ advanced proprietary Scalable Automated Linking Technology (SALT). It offers unparalleled linking capabilities for government agencies. SALT is more precise than rules-based and goes beyond simple record matching by solving for complex identity resolution when names are similar, a name changes, or a person gets a new address.

SALT applies statistical machine learning to link multiple datasets using probability to determine which records belong to the same person.

  • Creates an agency-specific, HIPAA compliant unique identifier
  • Virtually eliminates duplicates and false or missed matches
  • Allows for program manager remediation in the case of over- or under-linking
  • Maintains unique identifier even when public records cannot be leveraged or the person is a minor

Powerful Identity Resolution with Access to Comprehensive

database icon

Comprehensive database coverage for nearly
100% of U.S. Adults

Since 1985, we’ve been collecting referential data, giving us more than 37 years of information to ensure that our customers can resolve identities with unmatched precision and confidence.

Our comprehensive database consists of:

  • More than 285 million U.S. consumer entities

  • Standardized data for all consumer profiles

  • Data from 10,000+ sources, including new and traditional sources as well as all three credit bureaus



Simple, Seamless, Secure Service Delivery Through Expertise and Transparency

For nearly half a century, organizations have trusted LexisNexis Risk Solutions to manage sensitive data and solve complex data challenges. As a leader in data quality management, we can offer unique capabilities to government agencies on the path to modernizing and scaling their data management approach.

A trusted, proven technology leader and government innovation provider:

  • More than 8,000 government agencies use LexisNexis Risk Solutions services.
  • We work with 76% of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and 90% of U.S. health care payers .
  • We offer access to the largest available collection of public, proprietary, and credit-based identity data, including 742 million identities and clinically validated SDoH data sets, sourced and matched to individual profiles.
  • We maintain more than 12 petabytes of data and 84 billion records from more than 10,000 different data sources.
LexisNexis® AmplifyID™ Master Person Index services referred to herein are not provided by “consumer reporting agencies,” as that term is defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S.C. § 1681, et seq.) (“FCRA”) and does not constitute “consumer reports,” as that term is defined in the FCRA. Due to the nature of the origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors. Source data is sometimes reported or entered inaccurately, processed poorly or incorrectly, and is generally not free from defect. This product or service aggregates and reports data, as provided by the public records and commercially available data sources, and is not the source of the data, nor is it a comprehensive compilation of the data. Before relying on any data, it should be independently verified. LexisNexis and the Knowledge Burst logo are registered trademarks of RELX Inc. Other products or services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright © 2020 LexisNexis.

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