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How well are you managing the fine points of collection compliance? If you don’t know certain details about a debtor, you run the risk of illegal contact. Even the kind of data you use and the way you use it can run afoul of regulation. Working with vendors doesn’t absolve you from accountability. You’ll be held responsible for any noncompliant practices they engage in.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions simplifies collections compliance to help you focus on efficient debt recovery. Our comprehensive decisioning workflow guides your team on how to correctly use FCRA-regulated data sets to prioritize accounts and determine ability to repay. In addition, we leverage unmatched data resources and advanced linking capabilities to provide a suite of tools that help you avoid some of the most common collections regulation pitfalls:
Bankruptcy reporting
Military status
Phone ownership identification

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Gain efficiencies with automated notifications and continual monitoring of changes.

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FCRA’s role in talk-offs is often misunderstood—but understanding it is critical to managing risk.
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