Training by Industry Leading Experts to Support Criminal Investigations and Data Analytics

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can provide customers with customized training led by industry leading subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement and military intelligence and analysis.

Law Enforcement Training

LexisNexis offers multiple, customizable training options for law enforcement professionals.

Our courses focus on implementing LexisNexis® Risk Solutions investigative and analytical tools into daily public safety operations to help agencies achieve their goals. With the right information, law enforcement can quickly identify crime trends, leverage resources and be increasingly effective in fighting crime.  We offer two types of training:  Device Geolocation Analysis Training and Law Enforcement Product Specific Training.

2024 LexisNexis® Investigative Technology and Innovation (ITI) Summit

September 10-12, 2024 | Austin, Texas

LexisNexis Device Geolocation Analysis Training Courses

This 40-hour course allows motivated investigators and analysts to understand the evidentiary value of call detail records and provides best practices for obtaining and investigating data from every provider for nearly any type of investigation with a focus on geolocation data and  pattern analysis.
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This advanced 40-hour class will investigate several case studies incorporating complex cellular technology, cellular theory, training and experience and peer consensus throughout the week with an emphasis on presenting a final analysis for a formal brief or courtroom presentation.  *Attendance of a Basic Cellular Investigations Training course is a prerequisite.*
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This three-day course is designed for those focused on apprehending violent criminals. This course emphasizes intelligence gathering of a known suspect, utilizing tracking resources to geolocate suspects, and developing arrest plans for suspects.
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This three-day course is designed to support law enforcement working exigent investigations involving cellular devices. The understanding of the abundance of geolocation data, that is available through cell phones, is a critical component in time-sensitive cases.
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This three-day course is designed for those in law enforcement using the Rohde & Schwarz Autonomous Mobile Network Scanner.  This course reviews the hardware configurations used by the R&S®TSMA6B Drive Test Scanner and provides in-depth instruction on the use of the R&S®NESTOR cellular network analysis software. 
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The three-hour Virtual Exigent Live Pings for Law Enforcement Course is designed to support law enforcement working exigent situations involving cellular devices. Designed for dispatchers, analysts and police officers, this course will educate students on the general requirements around receiving data from a wireless provider through exigent circumstances.
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This two-day course is designed for law enforcement professionals who oversee, prosecute, or have a role in a device geolocation investigation. This course focuses on educating those individuals who need to understand the process and outcomes but are not the investigator or analyst conducting the analysis themselves.
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This eLearning course provides detailed instruction on cellular technologies operating in the United States. The history of cellular technologies, the different technologies used in cellular networks, and mapping considerations associated with the networks will be thoroughly covered. Additionally, there will be an introduction to drive test techniques, equipment overview, and how to map and analyze drive test data. The course will conclude with how all of the information can be used to present forensic call detail mapping evidence in court.
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If you have any questions about the LexisNexis Device Geolocation Analysis Training Courses or would like to host a course at your agency, please contact our Training Coordinator directly by calling 1-844-367-9389, Press 4 or emailing

LexisNexis Law Enforcement Product Training


Live-Virtual Law Enforcement Product Training

Our team offers a complimentary online training program featuring a multitude of courses for LexisNexis customers to develop and enhance their law enforcement product knowledge and skills over a wide variety of solutions. These virtual courses are held live and offer flexible scheduling on our current and legacy products. The course offerings are updated regularly to ensure you will have access to the latest training content.


Customized Law Enforcement Training

Our team can also customize training to fit your agency need and to help your agency successfully utilize the LexisNexis® Criminal Investigative Solutions effectively and efficiently.  For more information on our courses, or to schedule a customized course, please contact our Law Enforcement Education Team at

What Our Training Attendees Are Saying

Accurint® TraX™ Subject Matter Expert training helped us find evidence we didn’t realize we were missing.  Following the best practices learned during this training was the key to ensuring the device records were admitted during trial and our analysis survived challenges from the defense. 

~Detective Adam Wright, Gresham (OR) Police Department 
I recently attended a LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Accurint® Virtual Crime Center Training event. I was able to use the best practices reviewed during training to search for an individual wanted for sexual battery and solicitation of a minor since March 2021. Using Accurint Virtual Crime Center, I quickly located a new, current address for this wanted individual and he was arrested just hours after training concluded.  Accurint Virtual Crime Center helped provide valuable information to apprehend this wanted individual.   

~Detective Sergeant Leslie Miller, Clinton (TN) Police Department

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