Build a Stronger Portfolio of Solutions

Offer your customers better possibilities by connecting to a powerful ecosystem created to optimize risk decision making.

Corporate Alliance Program


Boost Your Risk Management and Compliance Solutions

The world of risk management and compliance is complex and constantly evolving. We can help you navigate it and unlock your organization’s potential.

Through our Alliance Partner Program we join forces with resellers, developers, software platforms,
and consulting firms and work together to solve complex business challenges around: 

Identity Management


Fraud Prevention


Financial Crime Compliance

Financial Crime Compliance

Credit risk assessment

Credit Risk

Data normalization


Transform the Landscape of What Is Possible—Together

By combining your industry expertise and market position with the powerful data technology and linking capabilities of our solutions, together we can deliver more intelligent tools and technologies to support well informed decisions for more businesses.

We can help you drive higher revenue, maximize operational efficiencies, and improve the customer experience though:

  • Dedicated teams committed to your success through collaboration
  • Market leading data assets and technology
  • Technologies that can easily integrate into your platforms
  • Customizable solutions that can be fine-tuned based on your customers’ needs
  • A brand that is respected and recognized as a leader in risk solutions
  • An organization committed to continually expanding our range of capabilities
  • A global footprint and dedicated teams covering Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America and South America
Data Linking
"We're here to help our partners grow their business through the unparalleled collaboration and support provided via the Alliance Partner Program." - Rick Trainor CEO, Business Services


Unlock new revenue streams and market opportunities by leveraging a
comprehensive portfolio of trusted risk management and
data analytics solutions.

Software Integrators

Deliver more comprehensive and value-added product offerings by
integrating trusted and industry-leading risk management and
data analytics solutions.  

Expand What the Future Holds for Your Organization

Stand out from the competition and offer your customers higher quality solutions. We are persistently evolving and revolutionizing technologies to help our Alliance Partners further enhance their products and service offerings through:
Continuous Innovation


Robust Integration


Comprehensive ecosystem

A More Comprehensive 
Solution Ecosystem



Your business has unique needs, challenges, and growth strategies. We are ready to scale with you and provide a wide variety of solutions to help you expand at every stage.

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