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Healthcare data availability, analytics and technologies
are growing at an unprecedented rate.

Supporting that growth is our ability to partner with healthcare solution
and technology providers by enabling their existing platforms and services
with our provider, patient and claims data assets and insights.

We partner with organizations across the healthcare industry to help meet their unique goals.

Whether your software, platform or services are focused on reducing costs, improving access to care, enabling care management, or producing customer specific insights, our portfolio of capabilities can enhance the value of your offerings.

Record Matching  UPI

Record Matching & Universal Patient Identifier Technology for Interoperability

SDOH  Care Mgmt

Social Determinants of Health Data and Scores for Care Management

Claims Data for Market Assessment

De-identified Claims Data for Market Assessment and Mapping

Provider Data  Insights

Provider Data & Insights for Value-Based Care and Compliance

We work with you to identify the right mix of data assets and analytics that lead to better operations, performance and derived value.

Our Partner Case Studies


Butler Health System Tackles the Patient Identity Matching Challenge with LexID®

Learn how one health system used automated patient identity matching as a foundational step in enterprise analytics and patient safety initiatives.

Health Systems using Epic to Validate Users Accessing the MyChart® Patient Portal

Identity authentication and verification solutions, InstantID® Q&A and Instant Verify, can now be integrated with the MyChart® patient portal.

LexisNexis Healthcare Solutions

Socioeconomic Health Attributes

Insights derived from social determinants of health that lead to more holistic care management.


Understand Physician Practice Patterns and Improve Provider Network Operations to Transform Your Business.

Device Assessment for Health Care

Low friction, real-time authentication to protect information when accessed via mobile devices.
magnifying glass

Provider Data Masterfile

Empowering healthcare organizations with complete, current, and comprehensive provider data.

LexID for Health Care

Link patient records and protect identities.

Keep Contact

Improve member outreach results and engagement with current demographic information.

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