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Strengthen Your Health Information Technology (HIT) Solution

Augment current data assets by integrating robust data.

health it partnershipsEnhance data intelligence. Improve insights. Unlock the power of data for your organization and the clients you serve by integrating robust identity, consumer, healthcare, and provider data at scale to drive business growth all while making healthcare better.

There’s no question that data and technologies continue to play an increasingly critical role in healthcare workflows and businesses. Access to integrated data assets through application programming interfaces (API) are the future of health IT platform development. And you need the right pieces of the data puzzle to paint a full picture of the patient that goes beyond just their health information securely, precisely, and confidently.

Working alongside a trusted and proven IT partner will enable you to further empower your organization and deliver greater value to your clients, enhance current portfolios, and drive new technology offerings forward. Our best-in-class data and insights, along with a history of success in healthcare and other regulated industries, can provide your business with a competitive advantage in the health information technology market, while keeping pace and staying ahead of the curve with the dynamic industry changes.

Our Customers Say It Best

"We chose LexisNexis Risk Solutions after extensive evaluation and testing because their consumer data proved to be the most accurate and comprehensive in
the market."

Kurt Waltenbaugh, CEO, Carrot Health

“Building the LexID technology into our eMPI platform enabled our clients to put their data to work much faster. The automated decision-making saved thousands of hours.”

Lee Prosch, CEO, Occam Technologies

Here's How We Can Help You Meet Your Business Challenges

Through our strategic relationships, LexisNexis Risk Solutions offers fit-for-purpose options to suit the various requirements of health IT platforms and software solutions. Whether it’s a software, platform, or a service, our data, technology, and insights can help your company to reduce costs, cleanse and verify identities, improve access to care and health outcomes, better enable care management, and produce insights for both you and your customers.

Here are some common industry challenges we can help you and your healthcare organization solve:

  • Access consented medical data to create a more accurate and secure golden record for every individual.
  • Gain even deeper insights into healthcare practice patterns and outcomes by combining clinical and non-clinical data in a de-identified way and identity-protected manner without HIPAA security risks.
  • Prioritize targeted physician outreach to drive the growth of a business line and attract more patients, in addition to developing longitudinal, de-identified patient journeys.
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Incorporate an Interoperability API

health it partnershipshealth it partnershipsUncover the power of our cloud-based platform to obtain access to nearly any patient access API via a single access point.

Results are returned in a normalized “golden record” with the capability of enriching results with LexisNexis Risk Solutions data assets such as social determinants of health (SDOH), contact information, and a unique identifier.

With our interoperability offering, you and your clients can:

  • Inform potential gaps in care
  • Gain competitive intelligence
  • Streamline member onboarding
  • Prefill medication lists, history, etc.
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Leverage the Patient Centric Token

health it partnershipshealth it partnershipsSimplify the sharing of health information and other sensitive data with matching and linking to obtain the real-world data you need.

Leverage hashed links for available information about a person, overcoming variations in personal identifiable information (PII), providing a longitudinally continuous, precise, and comprehensive view of an individual.

With our tokenization capability, you and your clients can:

  • Perform outcomes research
  • Access real-world data to generate real-world evidence
  • Manage internal patient data
  • Foster secure transactions with 3rd parties
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Claims Analytics via MarketView

health it partnershipshealth it partnershipsGain a 360-degree view into physician practicing behavior as well as de-identified claims data. You’ll uncover quality data with volume and scalability along with an online user-interface for visualization and interactivity.

Access both submitted and remitted medical claims data to create statistical nationwide projections with confidence and gain insight into reimbursement payments. Insights into de-identified patient-level claims allows our customers to drill into specific cohorts and develop longitudinal views of individual healthcare journeys.

With our de-identified patient-level claims, you and your clients can:

  • Engage in provider network management
  • Identify financial trends in each market
  • Find key healthcare providers
  • Uncover prescription use in rare disease populations
  • Manage referral tracking
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Why Choose Us?

People’s lives change. Their data does too. Are you keeping pace? By collaborating with us, you can open new doors of opportunity by accessing unparalleled depth and breadth of high-quality data:

health it partnerships10k sources of data

health it partnerships270M identities including 42M unbanked individuals

health it partnerships2.2B annual medical claims with 63% updated daily

health it partnerships442 clinically-validated SDOH attributes

Curious About What Types of Health Tech Companies We Collaborate With?

We work with a broad range of health tech organizations from startups to mature industry organizations covering various healthcare domains. Population health platforms, interoperability companies, electronic health record (EHR) systems, digital health tools, and global system integrators are just a sampling.

Ways We Can Work Together

health it partnershipsResellers
This arrangement provides health IT organizations the ability to leverage the LexisNexis brand and embed powerful data, scores, analytics and software within their existing offerings and platforms adding significant value to them and differentiating them from the competition.

health it partnershipsIntegrated Workflows
A health IT strategic partnership can also enable an integrated workflow of our offerings with you as the partner company to help augment your current structure for improved internal uses. If your goals align with improving connectivity and interoperability, integrating with us can provide your HIT organization with access to an integrated, seamless workflow.

Case Study: Solving the Patient Matching Challenge by Integrating with an EMPI Solution

Occam Technologies and Butler Health System

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Butler Health System (BHS) knew they had a quality issue with their data and needed a way to better manage populations and allocate resources. They needed a way to expedite linking and matching patient records from disparate EHR systems to provide optimal care, protect patient safety, and start population health initiatives tied to value-based payment models.
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BHS selected Occam’s enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) platform. Occam’s EMPI is a patient identity platform for high quality, automated patient matching, registration data stewardship and deep integration. Occam’s Research Automation module is built on LexisNexis® Health Care proprietary linking technology, LexID®, to automate patient identification where the data would not otherwise support it.
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Occam’s EMPI, layered with LexisNexis LexID, took 1.3 million disparate records down to 740,000 unique patient identities, which meant avoiding an additional 105,000 research tasks. Butler Health System has a far more accurate view of its patient populations. Going forward, it also has the means to automatically identify and resolve 97% of unmatched records.

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