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Healthcare organizations today have access to more data than ever before. However, the ability to source the right data, make sense of data, verify the accuracy of data, and uncover insights from data can prove elusive.

Whether managing evolving regulations or working to discover new treatments, delivering high-quality care, or engaging with health plan members, people who work in healthcare are constantly seeking new ways to use data to advance their organizations.

When the right data meets the right technologies, healthcare organizations can transform complexity into opportunity and deliver better health for all.

Improve Health

Our differentiated datasets and technologies help organizations across the healthcare industry solve problems once thought unsolvable — so they can transform operations and improve health outcomes. In highly-regulated, complex industry like healthcare, it’s critical to have the right data and insights – delivered when and how you need it.

 While our solutions are centered around robust data assets, we also leverage sophisticated technology, applied analytics and deep healthcare expertise – while ensuring the highest standards of privacy and security – to help healthcare organizations make confident decisions and solve complex challenges.

Whole Person Data

Whole Person Data & Insights

Gain perspective of the entire healthcare journey.
Use more accurate and complete information
to connect with and engage your patients and
members to improve health.
Population Health Data

Population Health Data & Insights

Uncover hidden gaps and inefficiencies to improve
care coordination and access to care, strengthen inclusion efforts and foster health equity initiatives, while driving
more positive interactions and improved health
Real-World Data

Real-World Data & Insights

Unlock compliant, clinically-validated RWD for research, insights and decision making. Combine comprehensive social determinants of health (SDoH), medical claims and mortality data with precise matching to advance inclusive research strategies and improve health outcomes for all.
Identity Verification Data

Identity Verification

Safeguard sensitive healthcare data and protect systems
from unauthorized access. Deliver a near-frictionless login experience for patients and members with dynamic identity authentication that ‘steps up’ friction’ when identity risk is detected.
Provider Data Management

Provider Data Management

Comply with state and federal dispensing regulations and ensure patient care from credentialed providers and validated prescribers with industry-leading provider intelligence. Every day the nation’s leading healthcare organizations rely on our accurate, integrated provider data and integrated workflow solutions.
Healthcare Market Data

Healthcare Market Data & Insights

Our vast data resources and intelligence set delivers
insights to fuel acquisition and retention efforts, go-to-market planning, network and facility optimization and market growth planning to support improved operations and enhanced health outcomes.

Healthcare Insights


Markets We Serve

healthcare payer looking at health data


Improve workflows and member engagement with integrated data insights.
pharmacist verifying prescriptionpharmacist verifying prescription


Validate prescriptions, protect patient privacy and reduce risk exposure.
healthcare provider consulting with patienthealthcare provider consulting with patient


Manage patient and provider information to improve care management.
Life science researcher analyzing health dataLife science researcher analyzing health data

Life Sciences

Anticipate changing market dynamics for more strategic outreach.
Patient on mobile phone viewing healthcare portal.Patient on mobile phone viewing healthcare portal.

Health IT

Enhance your platforms and software with our data, insights and analytics.

It’s time to discover the power of data for good.

Better Data.

Our industry-leading data
assets and sophisticated technologies enable us to turn
data into meaningful insights.

Healthcare Comprehensive Data Icon

Comprehensive Data: We combine industry-leading consumer, medical claims, provider, and social determinants of health (SDoH) data to solve some of the most complex challenges in healthcare.

Big Data Processing Icon

Big Data Processing: A massively scalable supercomputing platform enables highly efficient data processing with high throughput and low latency.

Healthcare Big Data Icon

Powerful Analytics: Data science and patented algorithms enable predictive modeling and AI applications for better decision intelligence.

Advanced Linking Icon

Advanced Linking: A patented linking and clustering method allows us to see individual journeys over time with frequent data refresh and low latency.

Smart Tokenization Icon

Smart Tokenization: Our unique Referential Data Layer allows for more precise matching of de-identified records and longitudinal patient journeys.


In a world of growing data, privacy protection and responsible data use are paramount. 

  • We have an entire division exclusively devoted to information security
  • We are rigorous in our compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines
  • We undergo regular audits to meet and exceed industry and regulatory requirements

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