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Your Government clients are in a massive state of change. They’re under pressure to put more services online, create excellent constituent experiences, expand organizational sight lines and safeguard against fraud and other criminal activity. They’re also tasked to maximize revenue recovery to maintain healthy operations. Big needs — that are on your team to solve. We’re ready to help, with the world-class data, analytics and linking capabilities that power intelligent solutions.

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Whether the goal is to speed decisioning, heighten security or improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of operations, you can count on the proven expertise of LexisNexis®️ Risk Solutions to help you deliver technology that meets the highest standard.

Robust people content: 83B records from over 10K sources, including data on the unbanked

Robust people content: 83B records from over 10K sources, including data on the unbanked

Deep business intelligence: ownership; operating structure; networked connections and more

Linking technology that resolves down to a single entity with 99.99% accuracy

Wide-ranging analytics solutions that span the agency lifecycle

With 40 years’ experience working with Government agencies at all levels, we are a known, trusted entity making a real-world impact with our clients.

Success Stories

Combat Fraud and Optimize the Digital Customer Experience: One State’s Journey to Help Claimants in Need

On-Demand Webinar

Government Healthcare Payers: Strategies for Addressing Provider and Claims Fraud Amid COVID-19

On-Demand Webinar

Tennessee Reduces Improper Unemployment Payments through Data and Determination

The Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development implemented technology solutions to help mitigate improper UI insurance payouts.

Florida Department of Children and Families stops fraud and saves $1 billion with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

On-Demand Identity Management Webinar
Customer Success StoryCustomer Success Story

Accurint® TraX™ Assists with Investigative Process

Discover how Investigator C. Forehand, Office of the State Attorney, 1st Judicial Circuit (FL), utilized Accurint® Trax™ to assist with the investigative process in a missing person case.

LexisNexis Government Solutions

Identity Assessment & Assurance

Combine multi-dimensional physical and digital identity intelligence, contributory insights and dynamic, risk-based authentication to ultimately build identity trust.

Data Quality Management

Cleanse, enrich and connect your data to help your agency break down silos and set the stage for success.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Bolster and simplify fraud investigations using data analytics and intelligence on people, entities and their networks to surface fraud vectors and intricate fraud schemes. 

Criminal Investigations & Analysis

Sharpen your investigative focus - uncover hidden connections to yield more productive investigations.

Business Risk Assessment

Get a 360 degree view with dynamic intelligence – including global insights on entities, people and their hidden connections.

Collections & Recovery

Recover more revenue from debtors and overpayments. Sharp insight leads the way.

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