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About Us

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions provides customers with innovative technologies, information-based analytics, decisioning tools and data management services that help them solve problems, make better decisions, stay compliant, reduce risk and improve operations. Headquartered in metro-Atlanta, Georgia it operates within the Risk market segment of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers.

We meet the needs of our customers every day and serve a variety of sectors including:

Our deep industry expertise is combined with vast data resources and advanced analytics to help customers find the answers they need. We help detect and prevent online fraud and money laundering and deliver actionable insights to insurance companies and healthcare networks. We provide digital tools that help airlines,  and tax professionals improve their operations. We empower organizations to create purposeful workplaces, and we are the trusted source of market intelligence for the world of chemicals, energy and fertilizers.

  • Headquartered in metro-Atlanta, Georgia
  • Offices in 24 countries around the world
  • We employ over 11,000 people
  • We serve customers in more than 180 countries
  • We are part of RELX, a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers
About Us

Solutions We Provide

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is the trusted data analytics provider for organizations seeking actionable insights to manage risks, find opportunities and improve results. We deliver targeted solutions that empower well-informed decisions while upholding the highest standards for security and privacy, helping customers address a wide variety of business risk challenges:

By bringing clarity to information, we ultimately help make communities safer, insurance rates more accurate, commerce more transparent, processes more efficient and business decisions easier.

We work with businesses of all sizes across multiple industries and sectors in the U.S. and across the globe.

Global Reach

We have customers in more than
180 countries.

We use the power of information, advanced analytics and insights to help our customers
transform their risk decision-making and empower them to make better decisions easier.

Our Platform

Our Vision, Mission, Essence and Promise serve as the foundation for what our company stands for how and we strive to create value for our customers. These core statements align with our company values, how we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, and our higher corporate purpose.

Doing What Matters

Empowering Your Business

We’re committed to helping our customers by building strong relationships, understanding their business and meeting their needs. Our goal is to be a trusted partner. So when you work with us, you and your customers can trust that you’ll receive informative solutions that are accurate, secure and efficient. No matter the size of your business or scale of your operation, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions delivers targeted solutions that empower organizations to make well-informed decisions.

Culture of Innovation and Expertise

Innovation is in our DNA. For 50 years, we’ve continually revolutionized technologies for big data processing and analytics. Our success is fueled by innovative thinking and problem solving from specialists who once walked in the shoes of our customers, so we know firsthand the challenges our customers face. We also work hard to foster employee growth and team success. We’ve built a culture of achievement, expertise and continuing development, so our teams are empowered to find innovative solutions that help solve business and societal challenges. We know being innovative is about more than which tools we use — it’s about how we use them.

Mark Kelsey, Chief Executive Officer “Our company has an incredible sense of purpose. From preventing identity fraud to lowering medical costs and connecting patients with the right providers; from helping disadvantaged families get credit approval to keeping the world safer from criminals and terrorists; from helping 70% of American drivers get cheaper insurance to helping find and rescue
hundreds of missing/abducted children — at LexisNexis Risk Solutions,
what we do is important and what we do matters.”

Mark Kelsey, CEO LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

Our Purpose

At LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, we believe in using data for good to solve problems and make a positive impact
on people, industry and society. We deliver enhanced value to our customers by leveraging the power of insight
through data, advanced analytics, and innovative technologies to help them solve problems, make better
decisions, and improve operations.

Purpose-driven Solutions


Help individuals get fair prices on insurance and promote safe driving habits

Prevent identity theft and protect society
from fraud

Provide intelligence services for
commodities markets

Offer comprehensive and award-winning
HR solutions

Power the future of travel

Find and locate missing children
Heart Beat

Create better healthcare outcomes

Our People and Culture

We believe that our people are our most valuable asset and drive the innovation that fuels our success. With about 10,000 employees in locations around the world, we embrace a diverse and inclusive workforce with a value system to support it.

As a company with customers all over the world, we truly value diversity and believe that an inclusive environment is essential for nurturing big ideas and developing industry-changing innovation. Our corporate value system provides employees the freedom to drive change, the trust to find their own path, and the space to explore more. We are committed to supporting a high-performing and diverse workforce that mirrors the markets we serve. We believe in celebrating our uniqueness and advocate for inclusion for all employees, striving to be a great place to work.

  Our Values

Our values represent what we believe in and fuels our passion to create an
employee experience that makes our company a great place to work.

Innovative & Enterprising
We believe in creating a culture that inspires great thinking, because great thinking leads to real innovation.

Collaborative & Community Focused
We are committed to collaboration and partnership across our teams, and positively impacting our communities and society as a whole.

Ambitious & Adaptable
We are a high energy, fast-moving, decisive organization with a strong propensity for action that can quickly adapt to provide outstanding results.

Respectful & Inclusive
We believe in fostering a respectful and inclusive work environment where our people feel appreciated, supported and inspired.

Flexible & Supportive
We cultivate a work environment that contributes to a positive work/ life balance through flexible work models and supportive programs.

Our Corporate Initiatives

Our corporate initiatives support our efforts for both the greater good down to the employee level. Whether it is our D&I programming or Living Well for employees, or our sustainability programs and carbon reduction standards, or providing technology to help find missing children, the goal is to keep the well-being of our employees, customers, and communities in mind.

Corporate Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Commitment to Data Responsibility, Privacy and Security


In a world of growing data, the protection of privacy and responsible data use are paramount.
Our products and services are designed to reduce fraud, mitigate risk, make society safer
and — most importantly — safeguard private data. At LexisNexis Risk Solutions,
our commitment to responsible data stewardship is just one way we can make the
world a safer place.





We have an entire organization
exclusively devoted to
information security.


We are rigorous in our compliance
with legal and regulatory


Data protection controls are in
place and the cornerstone of our
responsible business practices.


Our own privacy policies add safeguards
on top of regulatory standards to protect
private data.

Industry Leading

We undergo regular audits to meet and
exceed global industry and
regulatory requirements.


Our employees participate in on-going
compliance and info-sec
training each year.

Data Privacy Statement

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a global business organization that provides a range of services including solutions used to prevent and investigate identity theft and other crimes and to manage risk in businesses.  We offer these services, in part, by collecting and using data about consumers from public records and other sources.  

  • For the benefit of consumers, our solutions:
    • Help make communities safer by blocking or uncovering the activities of criminals and terrorists.
    • Prevent identity theft and protect society from fraud.
    • Make the ability to obtain credit a reality for disadvantaged and/or low income individuals.
    • Help keep medical costs down by preventing fraud, confirming medical provider and patient information and improving patient engagement.
    • Help find and locate missing children.
    • Help individuals get fair prices on insurance and promote safe driving habits.
  • We are committed to protecting privacy and design our networks and services to maintain the security of all information we process. This is a responsibility we take seriously. We have a comprehensive risk management program with strict privacy and security policies designed to ensure that data is not accessed or used impermissibly.

We devote enormous resources and time to protecting consumers' privacy and their personal information. The importance of protecting consumer privacy and personal information is one our fundamental beliefs. It has driven and will continue to drive enhancements in how we secure information, protect privacy and provide solutions that benefit our customers and consumers, communities, and society at large. This belief also fuels our work with non-profit, health care, law enforcement, and other organizations that use our solutions to help safeguard vulnerable populations and bring home missing children.

As a trusted provider of information solutions, together with our parent company, RELX, LexisNexis Risk Solutions places great value on the proper handling of personal information.  These nine Privacy Principles guide our approach to data protection and privacy across the organization.

  1. Accountability – Act as a responsible steward of personal information.
    Our business will thrive if we have an effective privacy program and our customers, employees, suppliers and regulators trust us.
  2. Design – Embed privacy protections into the design of our products, services and business practices.
    Build in privacy protections when developing our products and operational processes.
  3. Purpose – Collect and use personal information only for legitimate business purposes.
    Personal information should be collected and used only to advance the business needs and as appropriate.
  4. Transparency – Give notice about privacy practices as appropriate.
    Ensure that privacy statements describe how we collect, use and disclose personal information and are displayed or given when and where appropriate.
  5. Choice – Offer individuals choice over the use and disclosure of their personal information for marketing purposes.
    Give people the opportunity to “opt out” from having their personal data used for marketing purposes such as marketing emails, telemarketing and the like.
  6. Access – Provide individuals, upon their request, with access to their personal information as required by law.
    Comply with access requests as required by law.
  7. Accuracy – Maintain reasonable procedures to keep personal information accurate consistent with legal requirements.
    Take reasonable steps to maintain the accuracy of personal information in compliance with applicable law.
  8. Security – Seek to protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure and loss.
    No one can guarantee absolute data security but we should employ reasonable security measures to protect personal information.
  9. Disposal – Dispose of personal information appropriately when it is no longer needed.
    Properly and securely delete, destroy or discard personal information when we no longer need to retain it for business or legal purposes.

Access our Privacy Policy here.

Access our Processing Notices here.