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LexisNexis Risk Solutions data analytics and insights can transform the way healthcare providers validate
patient identities, while improving provider and patient quality.

Our solutions also deliver insights into provider relations, uncovering market opportunities for expansion and revenue. Our data attributes and scores also
give providers insights to improve patient care coordination and management. Our provider and social determinants of health data, along with our claims
analytics help providers carry out the healthcare triple aim to improve patient experience and outcomes while helping reduce the cost of care.

Challenges We Address

Patient Engagement

Improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction with care.

Data Security & Access Management

Ensure the right people have access to the right systems and data, while maintaining a positive patient experience.

Provider Data Quality

Accurate and complete provider data can offer increased revenue growth, improved workflows and better patient outcomes.

Provider Network Management & Targeting

Improve operational efficiency and anticipate changing market dynamics for better provider network management and targeting.

Healthcare Compliance

Ensure that your organization is compliant with all relevant federal, state and industry regulations.
social determinants of healthsocial determinants of health

Social Determinants of Health

Gain insight into community and environmental factors that impact individual health risks.

Healthcare Consulting

Optimize data insights for a quicker realization of value.

Healthcare Interoperability

Access enriched patient health data from FHIR-enabled patient access APIs.

Validate and Verify Patient Identities

Accurate information on patients is a must-have for healthcare providers. It's essential to have a way to securely authenticate patients, match and link disparate patient records, and enhance patient profiles with up-to-date and accurate information, while mitigating cyber threats.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions provides healthcare organizations with the means to enhance patient profiles and bring together disparate medical records via a unique identifier, LexID for Healthcare. This proprietary system dedupes and links records to a single patient. These patient records are continually updated with the latest demographic information.

providerSocioeconomic data attributes gleaned from public and proprietary records and can better assess the likelihood of readmission when compared to models that only make use of clinical data. LexisNexis Risk Solutions has extensively tested the validity of hundreds of data attributes created from various sources.

Clinically validated socioeconomic attributes have been found to correlate to health outcomes including cost, hospitalizations, 30-day readmissions, emergency room visits, medication adherence, motivation and stress. 
Socioeconomic Health Attributes from LexisNexis Risk Solutions present greater insight into forecasted patient compliance.

Provider Data Quality and Management

It's important for healthcare providers to consistently make informed decisions and uncover opportunities to improve efficiencies and maximize cost savings. Providers form
the basis of the entire healthcare ecosystem and the management and maintenance of data is challenging. Our provider data repository also includes information on billions
of medical claims, thousands of active health organizations, and hundreds of integrated delivery networks, all used to enhance and cleanse provider profiles.

providerA vital aspect of efficient provider data management is the ability to enhance profiles with key data points to improve outreach, engagement, and contracting. Current, accurate provider data not only facilitates communication between physician and patient but also physician to physician in coordinated patient care. We pull information daily from multiple sources as well as crowd-sourced direct inputs from physicians and their staff. All of the data gets validated through a structure data normalization process to ensure you have the most current information available when you need it.

Healthcare providers can maintain accurate provider and physician information and receive proactive updates on critical data changes when they implement Provider Data MasterFile™ from LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

Healthcare Claims Intelligence

Healthcare providers can utilize the data-driven claims analytics from LexisNexis Risk Solutions to transform marketing strategies as they understand service line performance and plan for operational growth. LexisNexis Risk Solutions integrates data on billions of medical claims and millions of unique practitioner relationships to uncover physician connections, understand physician referral patterns and identify "upstream" physicians who can influence patient flow to healthcare facilities.

LexisNexis provides healthcare providers with solutions that are expertly tailored to aid in a number of key areas. Actionable decisions from claims analytics are made from an easy-to-understand user interface. LexisNexis MarketView™ can assist healthcare providers with:

Transforming Marketing Strategies

Using claims-based intelligence to better target physicians, referral sources, and affiliates in outreach efforts.

Identifying High-impact Practitioners

Providing healthcare provider organizations with a means of uncovering physician connections and discover opinion leaders.

Understanding Physician Referral Patterns

Offering health systems the chance to analyze referrals that have occurred outside of their existing network and the ability to find procedures being performed in out-of-network facilities.

Quantifying Health

Allowing providers to show the true potential of health systems across varying claim categories with the goal of enhancing audience targets, deployment, and remit decisions.

Other Markets We Serve


Data solutions help plans ensure the right people receive the right care by the right providers at the right cost.


Data, analytics and prescriber verification solutions help pharmacies identify ways to reduce fraud and expand market penetration.

Life Sciences

Data management and market intelligence solutions offer life sciences organizations a healthy market advantage.

Other LexisNexis Healthcare Solutions

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