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Public Safety Criminal Investigative Services and Consulting for Law Enforcement by Subject Matter Experts, available to help your agency when every second counts.
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Public Safety Investigative Services and Consulting

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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions now offers criminal investigative and device geolocation services and consulting for our law enforcement customers.  Agencies can now gain immediate access to expert analysts with up-to-date training and extensive investigative experience. Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) understand how to leverage technology and synthesize large amounts of data to drive an investigation forward. 

Our SME Team, the LexisNexis® Public Safety Special Investigations Unit (SIU), is unmatched in their ability to harness the tools and solutions available in the LexisNexis investigative suite. This team works with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to provide real-time investigative insight to help solve cases.

All members of the SIU are CJIS compliant and handle sensitive data professionally.  Please contact us today to discuss the details of your event or investigation with a law enforcement expert. 

If you are working an exigent case and need immediate assistance with a geolocation investigation, call 1-844-367-9389, Press 1.

To discuss a geolocation case with a SME, or to request case assistance on non-exigent geolocation cases, email

 To discuss a case or request case assistance on non-exigent criminal investigative cases, email 

Types of Analysis We Offer

This team of former law enforcement experts can leverage the LexisNexis product and data offerings to provide real-time investigative insight for LexisNexis customers.  The team specializes in geolocation analysis and investigative case assistance and support during exigent cases.

Call Detail Record & Geolocation Pattern Analysis

SMEs can provide insight for investigators, detectives, or analysts to determine common vs. uncommon behavior patterns based on cellular records, social media records, or other digital information provided in the course of an investigation. These patterns can aid in developing additional leads, predicate acts, conspirative parties, or help in establishing the potential mindset of an individual before, during, and after alleged offense(s) have been committed.  SMEs will utilize the LexisNexis suite of solutions, specifically Accurint® TraX™, `to bring value to any criminal investigation.

Crime Analysis

Analytical SMEs can provide crime analysis consulting services to customers utilizing the LexisNexis suite of solutions, specifically Accurint® Virtual Crime Center, to provide actionable insights. Highly skilled analysts will analyze public safety data in time and space to support the entire agency including field operations, investigations, and command staff. Deliverables will be created and automated in alignment with an agency-specific cadence and crime-specific focus in an effort to combat criminal activity and make communities safer.

Investigative Analysis

SMEs can analyze information and independently develop case-specific subject profiles and/or link analysis in complex criminal investigations while using investigative best practices. SMEs will contribute to the goal of thorough and successful criminal investigations, to assist investigators in obtaining investigative leads, analyzing available data, and leveraging LexisNexis information to enhance intelligence in criminal investigations. These SMEs can aid law enforcement during critical incidents and events and are available to provide investigative assistance remotely or onsite.

Investigative Services for Drive Test Scanners

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions now offers Rohde & Schwarz Drive Test Scanners for purchase by government and law enforcement agencies. The Rohde & Schwarz R&S®TSMA6B Drive Test Scanner is an ultracompact scanner capable of measuring all bands and technologies simultaneously. This is an essential tool for agencies investigating cases involving device geolocation.   

To aid agencies in achieving successful results using the R&S®TSMA6B Drive Test Scanner, the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Special Investigations Unit (SIU) now offers unique criminal investigative services focused on helping agencies successfully use Drive Test Scanner technology in their device geolocation investigations. From the time a crime occurs until the trial is complete, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are available to assist agencies effectively and efficiently drive these investigations forward. When purchasing a R&S®TSMA6B Drive Test Scanner through LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, users gain access to our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that specialize in the use of this technology in criminal investigations.  

Experience Using Scanners in Criminal Investigations

  • Assistance developing your operational plan
  • Additional manpower for your agency 
  • Save valuable time

Seamless Setup for the Agency

  • Hands-on initial setup
  • Best practices provided by SMEs
  • Multiple hardware options based on agency need

Investigative Assistance with Drive Test Scanner and Analysis

  • Twenty (20) professional service hours for drive test scanner assistance 
  • Interpretation of scan results 
  • Support from the time a crime occurs through the prosecutorial phase

How Can We Help?

Exigent Case Support

SMEs offer 24/7 assistance during Exigent Circumstances.

Peer Reviews

SMEs ensure the proper understanding of the analysis conducted, and that visual demonstrative aids or written reports adhered to best practices.

Drive Test Scanner Support

Onboarding, troubleshooting, and analysis of reported data, by SMEs, is available for drive test scanner users.

Complex Geolocation Case Analysis

SMEs can assist with cases involving multiple devices or targets, corroborating case details or facts, and Tower Dump analysis.

Preparing Case Deliverables

Types of deliverables our SMEs can assist with include written reports, court testimony, and developing case presentations involving PowerPoint development, animations or videos, graphs or charts, or a combination thereof.  

Network Analysis

SMEs can utilize LexisNexis information and analytics to aid customers in locating detailed information relevant in active criminal investigations to include phone and person network research and analysis. 

Customizable Dashboards

SMEs can assist agencies with creating customized dashboards to fit their needs and help automate workflows. 

Customized Assistance

Our SMEs can assist your agency in multiple ways, from data quality assurance to cold case investigations.  Contact our team to learn how we can customize an option to assist your agency. 

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