Child Abduction: How Accurint® TraX™ aided the Newport News Police Department in an Exigent Situation

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Learn how one law enforcement agency enhanced its exemplary police work by leveraging the Power of Accurint® combined with the expertise of an Accurint® TraX™ Subject Matter Expert to quickly locate an abducted child.

This case study highlights a case with a positive impact for a family in Newport News, Virginia.  Over the course of eight hours and twenty-three minutes, investigators worked tirelessly to bring an abducted child home safely. This story is a compelling example of how combining highly skilled law enforcement personnel with powerful data and analytical tools available to public safety was instrumental in this recovery.

In this case study you will learn about Newport News Police Department’s investigative efforts, including:
Complex Device Geolocation Analysis
Enhancing Identity Data
The Value of Subject Matter Expert Training
 Resolving the Case 

Download the case study to find out how the Newport News Police Department (VA) was able to quickly locate an abducted child. 


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