Fraud Detection

Advanced Analytics and Robust Data to Combat Insurance Fraud

Fraud Detection


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Improve efficiency by bringing automation and standardization to the fraud detection and investigation process. 

Fraud continues to be a multi-billion dollar, industry-wide problem. LexisNexis empowers insurance carriers to more efficiently identify and investigate potentially fraudulent claims and questionable provider behavior.

LexisNexis® Insurance Fraud Solutions

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Leverage the power of cross-industry data as well as deeper insight into your own data to pinpoint potential fraudsters faster.

Automate Fraud Detection

Harness intelligence from billions of public records, predictive analytics and insightful scoring to prioritize claims that need additional investigation. 

Protect Revenue

Minimize the financial impact of fraudulent claims by taking advantage of potential insurance fraud indicators early in the claims process. 

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We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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