Improve Efficiency and Anticipate Changing Market Dynamics

Our data-driven solutions give access to best-in-class provider information and market intelligence for strategic outreach.

Life Sciences


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Skillfully master the complex life sciences market with LexisNexis best-in-class data and analytics for greater commercial success.

Market Intelligence

Understand physician claim patterns and affiliations to focus outreach efforts. Maximize sales efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

Provider Data Management
and Services

Optimize insights with comprehensive and accurate provider data. Our life sciences solutions help drive performance across the enterprise.

Patient Identity Intelligence

Maintain and leverage information on the consumers and businesses you engage with.

Other Healthcare Capabilities


Data solutions help plans ensure the right people receive the right care by the right providers at the right cost.


Data, analytics and prescriber verification solutions help pharmacies identify ways to reduce fraud and expand market penetration.


Data management and intelligence solutions improve market share, reduce risk and safeguard patient identities.

Other LexisNexis Healthcare Solutions

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COVID-19 Healthcare Data Insights

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Buyers' Guide: How to Select the Right Data Provider to Benefit Your Business


Prevent Potential Life Sciences Corruption and Fraud


LexisNexis® MarketView™ medical claims data reveals trends in flu statistics.

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Claims Data Improves Life Sciences Success

Case Study

Data-driven Commercial Insights for Life Sciences

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We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

When several of our existing data vendors mentioned LexisNexis provider and claims data, we reasoned, "why not go directly to the source...?”

Michael Petro, President, Rivermark®, LLC
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