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LexisNexis is the leading provider of data and analytics that help businesses approach the life sciences industry with greater efficiency.

Our innovative solutions offers the intelligence needed to support commercial success and increased sales across sectors including pharmaceuticals, medical device and life sciences.

Challenges We Address

Provider Network Management & Targeting

Improve operational efficiency and anticipate changing market dynamics.

Data Security & Access Management

Ensure people access to the right systems and data, while maintaining a positive experience.

Health Equity and Inclusion Insights

Data providing organizations with critical insights on social determinants of health (SDoH).

Healthcare Tokenization

Enable matching and linking of patient data, making real world data accessible.

Market Intelligence

Life sciences sales and marketing teams meet goals faster and with less effort by switching from broad target models to highly-segmented strategies founded on data about key influencers, referral patterns, affiliations. With medical claims data insights and market intelligence, life sciences businesses can:
Increase revenue with informed
pricing models.

Proactively notify physicians about product options.

React quickly to market trend developments.

Understand the relationships between organizations and practitioners for account-based selling.

Provider and Referral Insights

life sciencesThe ability to quickly find high-value physicians optimizes strategic outreach. LexisNexis Provider Data MasterFile allows life sciences companies to understand the true size of Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), which directs sales and marketing efforts as well as quantifying market share potential. 

Remit Data

life sciencesLexisNexis® MarketView Provider Reimbursement Insights offers businesses a chance to adapt based on market trends and events.

When current remit data is used for planning, market analytics and understanding industry trends, strategic decisions can be confidently made to enhance continued market growth.

Data Integration and Services

Data is the lifeblood of life sciences organizations. By leveraging a full technology suite of data solutions and services, businesses can plan strategically, streamline operations and develop market share and revenue.

Maintaining, enhancing, and engaging with industry information helps businesses experience the most beneficial outcomes. LexisNexis's data integration solutions provide life sciences sales and marketing teams with insights for market strategies, gap analysis, and health market opportunities making a more effective team.

Sales Outreach

life sciencesResearch has shown that less than half of healthcare providers are willing to meet with sales representatives, and those that do usually offer only a few minutes of their time. In a single week, there are 86,000 state license expirations, 17,000 state license status updates and 1,000 new DEA numbers assigned. A single ineffective sales call wastes typically $74 of the sales representative's time. Even one wasted call per day aggregates to a significant impact negatively to your bottom line.

Provider Data MasterFile can help can help labs, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers keep provider data up to date to focus team efficiency in their work to maintain a competitive edge.

Compliance & Due Diligence

life sciencesToday’s life sciences companies operate in a highly-regulated industry where the guidelines aren’t always clear and the risks of financial corruption loom large. Staying on top of ever-changing laws, global watchlists and sanctions is no easy feat, but the penalties for non-compliance are too severe to ignore. Exercising control over third parties and subcontractors is one of the major challenges facing life sciences companies-including regulations like the Drug Store Supply Chain Security Act.

Bridger XG Insight for Health Care helps your business vet every entity and business, includes sales agents, marketers, distributors, contract manufacturers, clinical researchers and physicians. 

That responsibility also extends to suppliers and vendors. Life sciences companies must develop robust programs to evaluate and monitor all parties with which they are connected. LexisNexis can help to implement authentication process to reduce compliance risks.

To find out how LexisNexis's solutions can help life sciences business, please contact us today.

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