Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Outsmart unemployment fraud without adding friction

Get deeper insights to enable unbiased decisions and reduce delays for legitimate unemployment claimants.
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Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Claimants need fast, equitable access to assistance. Real-time identity intelligence and sophisticated fraud tools are key to delivering it securely.

When it comes to administering unemployment benefits, governments face many hurdles. COVID-19 drove historic claims volume, but bursts of activity occur regularly due to events like natural disasters or mass layoffs. Meanwhile, identity theft and cyberattacks are rampant and growing more sophisticated. Agencies walk a difficult line to serve the right people with the right benefits quickly while protecting program integrity. But with our solutions, there is no need to choose between friction and fraud.
Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Solutions for Speed to Unemployment Compensation

Identity Assessment & AssuranceIdentity Assessment & Assurance

Identity Assessment & Assurance

Combine multi-dimensional physical and digital identity intelligence, contributory insights and dynamic,
risk-based authentication to ultimately build identity trust.
Fraud Detection & PreventionFraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Bolster and simplify fraud investigations using data analytics and intelligence on people, entities and their networks to surface fraud vectors and intricate fraud schemes. 
Identify and analyze the many faces of business riskIdentify and analyze the many faces of business risk

Business Risk Assessment

Get a 360 degree view with dynamic intelligence – including global insights on entities, people and their hidden connections.
Data Quality ManagementData Quality Management

Data Quality Management

Cleanse, enrich and connect your data to help your agency break down silos and set the stage for success.

Challenges We Address

Accelerate benefits delivery and create an equitable, unbiased claimant experienceReduce investigative backlogs and control claimant accessPrevent increasingly complex fraud and protect program integrity

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Achieve These Results

Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Verify Most Claimants in Near Real-time

Our digital and physical identity solutions help you verify up to 99.4% of claimants instantly

Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Decrease in Human-Initiated Attacks

In 2020, we saw a 58% decrease in human-initiated attacks, despite a 29% increase in transactions year-over-year.

Unemployment Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent Claims at One Agency

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Special Investigations Unit (SIU) helped one Department of Labor connect false claims to stolen identities — and used additional data sets to identify large fraud rings. 

Insights & Resources

Case Study

Real-World Examples Uncovering Fraud Patterns in Unemployment Insurance

Agencies require outside help to uncover fraudulent transactions
Detect Fraudulent Claims and Recover Payments with LexisNexis Risk Solutions Payment Protection Analyzer

Detect Fraudulent Claims and Recover Payments with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Program Participation Analyzer

Increase control and visibility over issuance of unemployment benefits
On-Demand Webinar

Combat Fraud and Optimize Digital Customer Experience

One State’s Journey to Help Claimants in Need

A Surge in Claims: How to ensure friction-less services and reduce post-recovery fraud clean-up

Watch this on demand webinar to learn about a fast and secure way to handle remote claimant identity verification to ensure correct benefits go to the correct people, and detect and prevent improper payments

Special Investigations Unit: Research, Analysis and Case Assistance

The SIU works directly with our Health, Human and Social Services customers to analyze data, find patterns and leverage the full suite of LexisNexis offerings to assist in identifying risk and possible identity theft

Solving the Improper Payment Problem

Dual participation in public assistance programs, which include Medicaid and SNAP, has been a long-standing and costly problem that can now often be fixed by deploying today’s new technology

Expert Q&A: Assisting Public Assistance

Advanced technology helps to cut billions in “dual participation” losses

Why are some states handling unemployment fraud better than others during COVID-19?

There seems to be a lot of activity around identity fraud in the unemployment insurance (UI) space; and for good reason as COVID has brought out fraudsters in droves
Customer Success Story

Tennessee Reduces Improper Unemployment Payments through Data and Determination

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development implemented technology solutions to help mitigate improper unemployment insurance payouts

Florida Department of Children and Families stops fraud and saves $1 billion with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

This on-demand Identity Management webinar shares insight on how your agency can prevent fraud, increase program efficiency, and ensure the right individuals receive the benefits they deserve
2019 Unemployment Insurance Survey
Tip Sheet

Five Tips for a Stronger Defense Against Identity-Based Threats

How to protect government programs from identity fraud
White Paper

The Right Identity Strategy for Public Healthcare and Social Services

This is bigger than data. This is well-being.
Tip Sheet

Three Trends in Fraudulent Identity Transactions and How (Not) to Combat Them

Insights from the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Special Investigations Unit (SIU)
News Article

TN Department of Labor investigates thousands of unemployment fraud claims with LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development has implemented LexisNexis InstantID from LexisNexis Risk Solutions as an added measure to prevent people from fraudulently applying for unemployment benefits

Identity Intelligence: An enabler to fighting fraud and serving the public during COVID-19

On-Demand virtual panel discussion where LexisNexis® Risk Solutions experts and former government program integrity leaders discuss the challenges they are seeing in Government right now
2019 Unemployment Insurance Survey

2019 Unemployment Insurance Survey

Software improves efficiency and effectiveness of fraud discovery processes

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