Find the right answers faster and boost UI claims processing speed

Minimize false positives and drawn-out manual reviews with enhanced visibility and automated investigative intelligence. 

Closed-Loop Investigative Approach

Fraud flags can quickly burden overstretched teams and delay payments

Manual reviews are a big resource drain on UI teams, and that’s to say nothing of the additional inbound calls fielded from denied or pending claimants. One study by U.S. Digital Response found that in early April 2020, as many as 55% of applications were going to manual review — the majority due to fraud concerns. The study identified this as an area that could most benefit from automation. 
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 Improve Data Linking and analysis of a linked dataset

Achieve These Results

Agencies need a wider view of intelligence beyond a claimant interaction. Our solutions provide critical tools to keep tabs on a wider landscape of activity to help prevent duplicate benefits and also recoup lost dollars. Back-end intelligence and automated solutions enable you to:

  • Quickly cross-check identities against agencies in bordering or faraway states before approving applications
  • Filter and focus “pay and chase” activities on those that owe the most or have the greatest compliance impact, and
  • Prioritize audits to focus on high-impact cases

Many fraud analytics solutions aren’t well suited for Government applications because they aren’t aligned to traditional agency workflows. Ours are. 

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions delivers holistic fraud detection that can be customized to align with your processes and agency-specific risk scoring. Personalize the level of authentication according to relevant risk signals. Our solutions create a continuous feedback loop in the UI workflow by integrating existing program intelligence into front-end identity verification to strengthen fraud prevention and eliminate onboarding delays for deserving claimants. This gives you an extra layer of protection that significantly limits the need for manual investigation and reviews. We also incorporate visualization tools to make it easy to see the relationships between data elements, clusters of people and entities, patterns of behavior and associated risks. 

It’s the automated support you need to:

  • Accelerate application approvals for trusted identities
  • Streamline and optimize investigations to focus on larger incidents 
  • Prevent and recoup mispayments or overpayments
  • Document application denials and/or collections actions for future review or audit
No individual or business is a discrete island. Connections and relationships, even distant ones, add critical pieces of the identity and risk puzzle. That’s the value of applying sophisticated linking technology to your data sets. 

Our advanced data linking and unique LexID® identifier organizes disparate data into actionable intelligence. See the hidden connections between individuals, businesses, claims and other data points in the context of the whole. LexID resolves data down to a single individual or entity with over 99.99% accuracy — giving you a higher level of confidence that you’ve connected the dots correctly. Visualization tools help you see patterns that may indicate larger-scale, coordinated fraud efforts—inside or outside the public sector.

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