Bankers Almanac enables payments with better data validation

Efficiently Make Payments Worldwide With Real-Time Data Validation

Dramatically reduce costly failed payments and achieve high straight-through processing rates.

Payments Efficiency


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Improved Payments Efficiency

The information and data validation you need to efficiently make payments anywhere. Achieve higher straight-through processing rates and reduce costly failed payments.

Make Payments Worldwide on Time

Maintaining accurate payments data and validation tools across your business is key to eliminating costly failed payments and achieving high straight-through processing rates. 

Bankers Almanac® Payments corrects and enriches payments information so that the instructions your organization sends better meet global banking requirements, have fewer errors, and are routed more efficiently. 

We help clients improve cross-border payments on the SWIFT network, including to IBAN and non-IBAN bank accounts. Clients uniquely have access to a deep coverage of 190 domestic payment networks including emerging markets. This payments solution enables them to make efficient payments worldwide.

We help clients reduce the manual cost of repairing failed payments, pay partners on time and deliver a better customer experience.

You can choose from API, files, and look-up tool solutions.

  • Validate account and bank details to detect errors and make corrections
  • Enrich payments data in ERP and payment processing platforms
  • Route payments efficiently through cross-border and domestic payment networks

Official Banking Data Available Instantly

Ninety nine of the 100 largest banks rely on us for banking data, as do NASDAQ Big Tech brands, fast-growing payment service providers, and respected corporates. 

Our global team of data analysts ensures you maintain access to up-to-date payments data. The team works across 20 languages and holds direct relations with all financial institutions worldwide. In the U.S., Bankers Almanac® is the Official Registrar of Routing Numbers for the American Bankers Association (ABA). 

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Payments Efficiency Solutions Overview Brochure

Prevent failed payments by validating bank account details

In just a few clicks, validate payment details against our database of over 65,000 financial institutions across 200 clearing systems.

Global payments details in one online tool – Start a free trial

Quickly find accurate payments information to repair, route, and validate payments worldwide.

Wherever you grow your business, our solutions ensure you can make payments efficiently with access to data covering:

Bankers Almanac Payments data covers 67,000 financial institutions

200,000+ financial institutions

Bankers Almanac covers 190 countries

National bank codes for over 230+ countries and territories

Bankers Almanac all SWIFT/BICs

100% All SWIFT/BICs coverage

Bankers Almanac works with 158 clearing systems

196 clearing

Bankers Almanac works with 1.1 million bank branches

1.3+ million bank

Payments Solution Options

Our payments specialists can advise on a specific solution or an end-to-end set of solutions. Either way, you can quickly start benefitting from more efficient payments.

Payments API

If the payments data you capture from customers or suppliers is incorrect, then payments can fail. Our solutions check information against global payment and compliance rules in real time as customers type in your mobile app or website. You can also integrate an API anywhere in your payments flow to validate and access payments information.
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File-based payments solutions

Our solutions enable clients to automatically keep the bank master data within their corporate enterprise resource (ERP) system up to date with correct banking details.
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Banks and payment service providers
Our solutions enable clients to maintain accurate banking and payments routing data within their payment processing platform to make payments worldwide.
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Online look-up tool

Our solutions provide up-to-date data on financial institutions and payments routing. Our online look-up tool helps save time on manual research. Our solution can also be used to quickly validate bank account details such as IBANs, and enrich payments information.
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Validate Account and Bank Details

Check payments instructions for errors and gaps to avoid failed payments.

Payments Data Enrichment

Improved straight-through processing rates for ERP and payment processing.

Payment Routing

Access the data needed to route payments worldwide efficiently and accurately.

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