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Bankers Almanac Validate

Validate and Auto-Populate Global Payment Information and Routing Data

Drive efficiencies in domestic and international payments processes and enable safer, faster and cost-effective payments journeys.
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LexisNexis® Bankers Almanac® Validate™

Facilitating secure instant payments while achieving exceptional straight-through processing rates and preventing operational delays and failed payment fees has never been easier.

Trusted by global banks, businesses and payment processors, LexisNexis® Bankers Almanac® Validate™ seamlessly verifies and auto-populates payments and routing data in over 200 countries.

By easily integrating the API technology into customer and internal-facing payments channels, you can effortlessly drive automation in domestic and cross-border payments journeys.

How do Customers Use Bankers Almanac® Validate™?

Bankers Almanac® Validate™ API can be integrated wherever you need it in your payments flow. Some of the most popular use cases include:

  • Verifying and enriching domestic and cross-border payment messages within ERP platforms
  • Validating account details when onboarding new vendors and customers
  • Checking account details as they are entered into customer-facing platforms, including websites and apps

How Does Bankers Almanac® Validate™ Work?

  1. Enter country-relevant payment details (or search by bank name and address)
  2. In less than half a second, receive verification in the form of pass, caution or fail
  3. Auto-populate payments and routing data for over 200 countries, including:
    • IBAN, BIC, ABA Numbers and National Clearing Codes
    • Branch name, address and postcode
    • Correspondent banks and intermediary information, such as:
      • Payment rail connectivity and SSIs for payment routing
      • Payment holiday dates
      • Customer service centre information
  4. For payments to countries that require payment purpose and tax code details, Bankers Almanac® Validate™ generates option menus that auto-guide customers to provide this information

Easy API Management

Easily manage any element of the API using the no-code configuration hub. From here you can also:
Conduct manual validations

Conduct manual validations

Validations performed and responses received

View the number of validations performed and responses (pass, caution and fail) received

Block payments

Block payments to particular countries, companies and accounts, as well as auto-alert stakeholders

Reporting dashboard

View the reporting dashboard that shows you the total amount of money saved

Who Uses Bankers Almanac® Validate™?

Who uses Bankers Almanac Validate?

Sanctioned Bank Warnings in LexisNexis® Bankers Almanac® Validate™

Introduce sanctioned bank warnings into customer and internal-facing payments channels and achieve an early line of defense against compliance risk while improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

Enable real-time decision-making before initiating payments and:

  • Avoid unnecessary processing delays, repairs and costly failed payments later in the payments journey
  • Accelerate the end-to-end payments process
  • Achieve higher straight-through processing rates
  • Reduce staff workload and spend less time handling failed payments and easing frustrations
  • Add an additional layer of security that complements existing FCC controls

Data is Updated Daily and Sourced From:

Sanctions list
c.2500 Sanctioned banks

Sanctioned banks

Data updated daily

Data updated daily

Quick and easy set-up with no-code API configuration

Quick and easy set-up with no-code API configuration

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Sanctioned Bank Warnings for BanksSanctioned Bank Warnings for Payment Processors

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