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Identity-Based Marketing Puts Your Best Prospects Front and Center

Whether you are looking to attract more consumer or small business customers, building effective marketing strategies starts with a better understanding of who to pursue. However, capturing profitable customers while optimizing acquisition costs requires insights you may not have.

Data gaps can lead you astray, causing you to

  • Reach out to the wrong prospects while completely missing great targets
  • Annoy desired prospects with irrelevant, generic messages
  • Miss out on new opportunity among your existing customers

By adopting an identity-based marketing approach, organizations can gain an improved understanding of their prospect pool to:


All leading to better-performing customer acquisition campaigns


From Promising Prospect to Portfolio Growth

Let LexisNexis® Risk Solutions help you build a clearer path through the customer acquisition chaos to drive more profitable growth
and maximize customer lifetime value.

Sharpen Your Customer Acquisition Marketing Strategies
With New Angles Of Insight

As our economy continues to evolve — creating new dynamics that consumers and small businesses are adjusting to — fresh data has never been more vital. Yet, many financial marketers either don’t have the right data or have so much of it that “actionability” is lost. Break through those challenges with our customer acquisition solutions that produce missing pieces of the economic and lifestyle view. 
Better understand where your customers and prospects are — and where they’re going. Change of address, estimated income/revenue trends, marital status, professional certifications and recreational interests — every piece adds new dimensions to the economic picture.

These insights help you seize opportunities based on more current information. See shifts sooner. Clue in  to whether a consumer or business is stable or struggling. 

Then, use these new insights to create models that prescribe the most relevant offers at the right time.  Target candidates who are most likely to respond. Identify new prospects who are a fit for pre-screen.
To unlock growth, you need to go beyond the typical “marketing persona” — which is often little more than a best guess. We can help you break through the generalities to better differentiate the kinds of customers you should be talking to.

Our alternative data consists of real insights about real people, rather than modeled, surveyed or summarized data. Apply these attributes to sharpen your view of trends within your customer base. Clarify the indicators of a “best customer,” and focus your resources on this group.
A core strength of LexisNexis® customer acquisition solutions is our access to a variety of rich data sources, linked together to uniquely identify individuals.

This enables you to fill information gaps and get a more expansive view that includes the economic trajectory of a consumer or small business. Use this economic insight to make timely, personalized offers that resonate with recipients and increase lift.

Not only that — we help you leverage your target’s “sphere of influence” too. Our data linking capabilities are uniquely able to pinpoint relatives and associates (business partners as well as members of the household) who are connected to a specific individual. Identify others with similar profiles — turning your best customers into a new pipeline for portfolio growth.
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LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Tells A Life Story Like No Other 

Deeper prospect insights — down to the individual level — and powerful linking technology can help you segment prospects
and improve response rates, while managing for risk. 

Put Your Best Prospects First

Grow your business with customer acquisition solutions from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions.

Customer Acquisition Solutions


Step up customer acquisition marketing strategies with a multi-dimensional view of your prospect universe. Our client acquisition solutions introduce you to new insights that make a meaningful difference in your efforts to improve targeting accuracy, increase marketing ROI, boost response rates and decrease customer acquisition costs. 

Direct Marketing
Modeling & Analytics

Add robust attributes and analytics to identity response triggers while avoiding risky prospects.
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List Generation and Data Augmentation

Successful prospect targeting begins with a precise data-driven marketing strategy. Build it with expanded insights.
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Pre-Approved Credit Offers

Use alternative data as your competitive advantage. Find excellent targets that others may not have discovered and optimize your offers. 

Accelerate Growth With Refined Customer Acquisition Strategies

Get to know us. Test our data. Learn more about the prospects you want and customers you serve — and strike the right note to stimulate growth. 

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