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Get a More Robust Picture of Your Prospects

LexisNexis® Profile Booster gives you a more detailed picture of a person that improves targeting and marketing results.

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Identify Your Best Prospects With Enhanced Marketing Data

Pinpoint promising prospects with predictive insights.

Successful customer acquisition is about cultivating connections with the right prospects: those who are most likely and best able to respond right now.

Consumer marketing data factors heavily into customer acquisition strategies. Often this consists of basic demographics and marketing personas. A good start but may not be enough. Campaign resources are finite. Competition is growing. Enhanced data sets can help you:

  • improve targeting accuracy
  • boost response rates 
  • increase marketing ROI
  • decrease customer acquisition costs
  • build brand affinity
  • segment risk and improve profitability

Augment Your Data Sources (and Person-Level Insight)

LexisNexis® Profile Booster offers more than 400 model-ready marketing attributes designed to give you constructive information about prospects. Market to real people — not theoretical personas — using data that isn’t created from modeling or surveys. 

Get a closer look at: 

  • Current life stage and potential needs
  • Lifestyle preferences (i.e., location, housing, recreational licenses)
  • Asset profile
  • And more.

Here’s how it works: One company wanted to better understand who their “best customers” are, defined by lifetime value (LTV). We helped their marketing team combine demographic and household data, applied it to 50,000 real customer profiles — and discovered that a particular customer segment generated 2.6x higher LTV. This helped the company tailor marketing messages that better connected to unique needs of that group.

Build More Connections Through Relatives and Associates

Exceptional identity management and data linking capabilities enable you to pinpoint relatives and associates connected to a consumer. This may include current or former business partners, roommates and other relationships. Extend the marketing sphere of influence to others who may share similar lifestyle and interests. Turn your “best customers” into a rich source of “best prospects.”

Harness the power of

  • A referential database compiled over decades from more than 10,000 sources
  • A library of 400+ model-ready marketing data points
  • Powerful LexID linking technology 

We’d love to boost your results.

Let’s talk about how Profile Booster can help you build more business. Contact us at 1-800-953-2877. 

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