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Enhance Pre-screen Marketing Performance

Expand your addressable market, optimize pre-screen campaigns and tap into emerging markets with an enhanced view of consumer credit risk.
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LexisNexis® RiskView™ List Generation


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Outcompete the Competition

Customize pre-screen offers to reach consumers with the right offer.

You’re facing growing pressure to find new prospects who suit your organization’s growth strategies, but
traditional credit data can only take you so far. Why fight for a small share of over-saturated market segments?
RiskView List Generation leverages alternative credit data and non-credit event data to help you go deeper into
the credit spectrum — empowering you to identify new, qualified prospects while managing risk.


Optimize pre-screen campaign


Segment risk and
improve profitability


Increase acquisition rates
and build brand loyalty

RiskView List Generation uses industry-leading, FCRA-compliant alternative data insights to deliver
actionable prospect lists — enabling you to improve pre-screening credit risk assessment — so you
can target a larger pool of consumers and increase acquisition rates while managing risk thresholds.
Swap out high-risk prospects and swap in lower-risk prospects to help achieve your growth goals with
increased confidence.

Improve pre-screening performance across the credit spectrum

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Expand target universe and increase cost efficiency

Identify prospects with no-hit or thin-file traditional credit histories who meet risk criteria.
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Clarify pre-screen decisions for consumers on the margin

Better understand the risk of prospects near the margins of your campaigns – including underestimated prospects and excluding those unlikely to meet criteria at account opening.
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Improve response rate among prime consumers

Unique, consumer-level insights enable more competitive, risk-appropriate offers to increase response rates.
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Increase coverage

90% of previously “credit invisible” consumer
population can be evaluated for pre-approval.
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Improve segmentation

99% of thick-file consumers can be assessed to further
refine segmentation among existing targets.

Select the right approach to building outreach lists based on your business needs:

Anonymized Prospect Lists

Apply your own analytics to filter a
comprehensive, anonymous prospect list.

Filtered Extract Lists

We filter a list of prospects based on your
parameters and deliver the extracted list to
a third-party processor or prospect database.

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Gain a competitive advantage 

Learn more about how RiskView List
Generation can help you accelerate
RiskView List Generation

Select the best targets

Watch the video to learn how
RiskView credit solutions can help
you enhance your segmentation
strategies and improve profitability.

Expand your perspective on consumer credit risk.

Ready to improve credit risk assessment across the customer life cycle?

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