Criminal Investigations & Analysis

Analyze and respond to crime efficiently using actionable intelligence to drive informed decisions.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose LexisNexis Risk Solutions


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Trusted for 20+ years

Agencies have used our best-in class data and superior linking to close thousands of cases.

Industry Leading Coverage

Global Provider of information-based analytics with over 10,000 data sources on people and businesses.

CJIS Compliant Sharing

No individual MOUs are needed with our secure data exchange, used by over 1,500 agencies from 48 states. 

Uncover Non-Obvious Connections

LexID links people with 99.99% accuracy, creating a complete picture across public record and agency data.

Near-Real time updates

Data sources updated either instantaneously or as often as every 15 minutes.

Law Enforcement Experience

39 employees with over 644 years of experience working in law enforcement help us serve you better. 

Transparent Pricing

Enterprise model means no tracking IDs or searches, no hardware or setup fees, and no hidden costs. 

Special Investigations Unit

Expert help during significant incidents, preparing for special events, and conducting major investigations.

Flexible 24-Hour Training

A variety of options such as self paced online classes, customized webinar trainings, and onsite sessions. 

Custom Delivery Methods

Research online, request a batch for large data sets, or integrate our data into any XML-based application. 


Accurint® Virtual Crime Center

One log-in, one search for public records linked with law enforcement data.

Investigating Businesses?

Learn more about our Business Risk Assessment solutions.

Customer Spotlight

Share how you are building safer communities. 

Criminal Investigations & Analysis Challenges We Address

Criminal Investigations

Speed investigations and solve more crimes with contextualized insights using robust public records and law enforcement data, powerful linking and advanced analytics. 

Law Enforcement Data Sharing

Expand your view by tapping into a cross-jurisdictional data exchange to identify individuals, recognize crime patterns and deploy resources more efficiently.

Crime Analysis & Mapping

Visualize where crime is occurring, identify patterns or trends, and track changes over time with advanced mapping and analytics, and customizable dashboards. 

Automated Crash & Incident Reporting

Coplogic Solutions Incident and Crash Reporting eliminates manual, time-consuming processes. Improves report accuracy, efficiency-expanding community services.

Data Analytics for Intelligence-Led and Evidence-Based Policing

LexisNexis Accurint Virtual Crime Center aggregates and analyzes nationwide law enforcement data, public records and your agency data to fuel faster, better decision-making

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Data Supported
Community Policing

Our cutting-edge data linking, analytics & sharing capabilities help agencies reduce crime, increase transparency & protect communities.

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Live and on-demand webinars hosted by law enforcement leaders & our product experts. 

Customer Spotlight

We want to hear from you! How is your agency building safer communities? 

 Training Resources

Check out live and on-demand certification courses, customized training & expert case support for public safety & law enforcement personnel.

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