LexisNexis® Acquisition and Retention Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Data and advanced analytics to help you drive profitability and growth through targeted prospect and customer outreach

Acquisition and Retention


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Better insights. Stronger customer relationships. Increased growth.

LexisNexis Acquisition and Retention solutions empower marketers to identify, attract and retain your most profitable customers by incorporating unparalleled data, analytics and insights.

Acquisition and Retention Benefits

 Improve Acquisition Targeting

Improve Acquisition Targeting

Identify the prospects who match your organizational risk profile and are most likely to convert.

Lower Attrition Rates Icon

Lower Attrition Rates

Monitor and anticipate key customer activity events to fill in blind spots and improve retention.
Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Create more efficient and effective outreach campaigns to capitalize on growth opportunities.
Strengthen Customer Relationships

Strengthen Relationships

Deliver better customer experience by better understanding needs and uncovering new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
active insights

Active Insights

Gain actionable intelligence for active risk management.


Campaign Analyzer

Campaign Analyzer

Understand your insurance-specific marketing attribution with Campaign Analyzer.



Insurance Prescreen

Optimize your acquisition campaigns by targeting better prospects.


Market Magnifier

Market Magnifier

Refine customer segmentation for improved business results.


Market Magnifier

Market Magnifier for Commercial Insurance

Reveal insights about your specific segments with competitive intelligence.




Target high-value prospects through enriched commercial insurance prospect data.


Featured Content

Insurance Shopology

Consumer Shopping White Paper

2019 Insurance Shopology: What it is and what it means to you. See the results of our 2019 consumer study of US auto insurance shopping.

Harness the Power of Prediction

LexisNexis Insurance Prescreen helps optimize your acquisition campaigns by combining insurance shopping data with purchase propensity scores.

Harness the Power of Prediction
Life Moves Fast

Life Moves Fast

See how timely alerts from LexisNexis Active Insights help you make more informed decisions about customer outreach.

We believe in the power of data and analytics to manage risk and uncover opportunity.