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Refine customer segmentation for improved business results

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Boost new business conversion through data and advanced analytics

The more you know about your prospects, the better your chances of winning the right business. Market Magnifier leverages our proprietary linking technology to dynamically connect data points from multiple sources to provide a flexible and cost-effective insurance acquisition and cross-sell solution.

Market Magnifier Features & Benefits

Data clipboard market magnifier

Detailed information based on myriad consumer attributes
Data gear

Robust public record and proprietary data sources for identifying new prospects
data customer

Proprietary industry models to be used throughout the customer lifecycle
gear document

Quickly present prospects with coverage options that match their needs
Data inspection market magnifier

Better understand and segment existing customers
data laptop

Identify compelling cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on consumer attributes
data target person

Improve marketing ROI through better prospect targeting

Market Magnifier integrates proprietary and third-party data from more than 3,200 sources, harnessing the power of predictive analytics to provide extensive and actionable information on over 257 million individuals in over 130 million households across the United States.

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Refine customer segmentation for improved business results

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