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Insurance Prescreen


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Identify and acquire the best prospects for your business based on their risk profiles with Insurance Prescreen

A comprehensive view of consumer credit behavior designed to help you refine campaign targeting and deliver a firm offer to prospective clients when they are most motivated to purchase.

Insurance Prescreen Benefits

streamline marketing

Streamline Campaigns

Improve campaign efficiency by bringing focus to those consumers more likely to convert to a policy.
shopping insight

Shopping Insights

Obtain key shopping attributes likely to predict conversion opportunities.


Classify by Credit Risk

Apply predictive models to properly prescreen prospects.

Purchase Propensity Scores Icon

Purchase Propensity Scores

Apply account behavior data to better predict insurance policy purchases.

Insurance Prescreen combines the predictive power of credit information with an unparalleled array of insurance-specific consumer scores and attributes to help you identify and anticipate auto and home policy shopping and switching.

Featured Content

Insurance Prescreen Brochure

Insurance Prescreen Brochure

Discover how Insurance Prescreen helps you target the best risk profiles for your book.


Collaboration is Key to Insurance Acquisition White Paper

An industry-wide study revealed collaboration across
business functions is the key to acquisition.


Prescreen Financial Triggers Infographic

Prescreen Financial Triggers Infographic

Financial triggers are a powerful, proven tool for
identifying consumers who are interested changing
their coverage.


Acquire with Retention in Mind White Paper

Acquire with Retention in Mind White Paper

Acquiring with retention in mind is the solution to fortifying retention rates and avoiding unnecessary churn.


Power of Prediction Infographic

Power of Prediction Infographic

Harness the power of prediction to better identify those consumers most likely to be shopping for insurance.


-tuned customer acquisition campaigns are the key to growing your book of business.


Fine-tuned customer acquisition campaigns are the key to growing your book of business.


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