LexisNexis® Market Magnifier for Commercial Insurance

Commercial competitive intelligence reveals insights about your specific segments

Better segment and target current and prospective customers.

Improve your competitive intelligence about your commercial insurance market segments with Market Magnifier for commercial insurance.


Powerful Capabilities
Leverage a family of data products designed to help you refine your commercial insurance market segmentation.

Gain a Competitive Edge
Outpace the competition with improved competitive intelligence.

Robust Data Sources
Enjoy access to a multi-source database that integrates proprietary and third-party data.

Multi-state Coverage
Harness the power of workers’ compensation data from more than 30 states.


Boost Competitive Intelligence
Learn more about desired commercial insurance market segments to gain a competitive edge.

Refine Segmentation
Apply data analytics to more precisely segment and target your customers.

Deepen Your Perspective
Integrate proprietary and third-party data to get a more in-depth understanding of commercial insurance market segments.

Expand Your Capabilities
Access workers’ compensation data from more than 30 states.