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Can You Identify Your Absolute Best Prospects and Avoid Wasted Spend?

You might be surprised to learn that some of your ideal customers don’t fit the expected persona. That’s why person-level marketing data is so valuable to effective targeting that improves ROI. 

Using Unique Data Sets for Campaign Targeting


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Economic stability, purchasing power, relationships and more.

The financial services landscape is getting ever more competitive in 2021: Consumer spending is on an upswing1, while household savings is also strong.2 It’s a good time to market financial products. But marketing budgets are finite. You need to make every dollar count. Can you make magic happen? Absolutely — when you enhance your traditional data sets with alternative marketing data that fine-tunes your picture of a person.

In our Best Prospects First ebook, we take you through five ways to harness more effective insights. From rethinking the “persona” approach, to making data management a marketing priority, you’ll come away with clear, actionable guidance. Including actual case study examples of how financial marketers are using additive data to:

  • Increase campaign ROI
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Reduce the risk of adverse selection
  • And achieve higher data quality overall

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1. The Balance, “Consumer Spending Increases 10.7% in Q12021,” May 22, 2021
2. JPMorgan Insights, “The Return of Consumer Spending,” March 2, 2021

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