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Refine Your View of Risk and Opportunity

Learn more about optimizing pre-screen opportunities with powerful risk-based marketing strategies.
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Risk-Based Marketing


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Having the right data at pre-screen can mean the difference between reaching valuable prospects or potentially missing opportunities for long-term portfolio growth.

As financial institutions (FIs) look to optimize pre-screen marketing campaigns to improve performance, questions may arise like:

  • How do I identify prospects most likely to respond to our marketing campaigns?
  • Will these prospects be approved?
  • Will we meet our revenue goals?
  • What is the long-term value of these prospects?
Faced with economic uncertainties, shifting market conditions and disparate consumer data, FIs are more reliant than ever on rich predictive insights to help craft effective pre-screen campaigns.

Reach the right prospects with alternative data

By leveraging alternative data at pre-screen—including nuanced stage of life data, professional licenses/certifications, alternative credit insights, personal property and more—FIs can gain a deeper, more expanded view of prospects that enables them to:
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Swap in more promising prospects in pre-screen campaigns

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Make more profitable decisions at pre-screen

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