Fraudsters work hard to outsmart your agency. We stay ahead of them to protect it.

Quickly detect fraud threats, uncover large crime rings and prevent more fraud before it starts with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions .

Unemployment Fraud Prevention & Protection

As unemployment insurance fraud evolves, your fraud-fighting approach should too.

The U.S. Labor Department inspector general’s office estimates that more than $63 billion has been paid out improperly through fraud or errors.  Many of these cases of fraud stem from previously stolen personally identifiable information — and can be traced to advanced transnational criminal organizations and sophisticated domestic actors and networks. It’s critical to stop the flow of fraud and improper payments — but it can’t be at the expense of those in legitimate need. 
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Protect your citizen's personal information in order to prevent identity theft and fraudulent sign-in attempts

Achieve These Results

Prevent fraud before it begins
Spot suspicious behavior and combat evolving cybercrime threats such as bot attacks and synthetic identities. We make it possible for an agency, on limited resources, to accurately detect the use of location and identity cloaking services — including hidden proxies and VPNs. See the true IP address, geolocation and other attributes of each transaction. Quickly cross-check identities against agencies in bordering or faraway states before approving applications.

Get a clear picture of who you are working with
Understand the people and businesses you’re dealing with — and their hidden connections — in one comprehensive view. This includes:

  • Digital and physical identity intelligence on claimants
  • Identity details on the owners/principals of the business and their networks of relatives and associates
  • Business details such as locations and ownership structure 

Our solutions also help you see beyond individual identities and transactions to flag suspicious patterns and large-scale fraud and threat networks not seen with traditional analytics.

Find fraud and imposter claims already present on your rolls, or suspicious new claimants that were missed in initial front-end safeguards. Our workflow provides an easy to navigate ‘investigator toolbox’ that provides insight into identities, transactions, connections and risks—including account takeovers. 

This back-end investigative identity intelligence not only aids fraud investigations, it passes insights back up to front-end authentication processes for better real-time threat prevention. In essence, we’ve created a closed-loop workflow that is constantly getting smarter to fight fraud on multiple fronts. Remain agile and responsive as new threats evolve — while continuing to ensure a low-friction, positive experience for trusted individuals.

Sometimes you need the resources of human experts to augment technical solutions. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a Special Investigations Unit team: Cross-trained analysts with the skills, tools and expertise to help agencies make sense of big data, uncover identity patterns of fraud, and solve special challenges. These services are built into our solutions at no additional cost to you. Engage the expertise of professionals from law enforcement, national security intelligence, military intelligence and fraud to:

  • Conduct research and assist with investigations
  • Help you understand bigger trends in the fraud landscape
  • Support you in troubleshooting issues or brainstorming new approaches

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