Get UI benefits to those in need, with minimal friction.

Quickly connect people to the money they’re entitled to. Digital identity intelligence and automated risk decisioning safely streamlines the experience, and prevents unintended bias.

Unbiased Unemployment Claimant Experience

When a claimant files their application, the need is urgent.

One-quarter of U.S. adults don’t have enough savings to cover a month of household expenses.  Losing a paycheck has immediate impacts. Unemployment agencies face pressure to quickly help legitimate claimants while balancing fraud mitigation. But quick decision-making is often hindered by limited data, unlinked information across data sets, and manual risk assessment processes. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can help solve for these challenges.
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Government agencies often don’t have the breadth and depth of data required to be assured they are talking to the right individual (is this the John Smith on East 23rd with IP address 183.168…?) Lack of meaningful data sets can also hinder the ability to deliver an equitable claimant experience. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions significantly expands your view with numerous referential data sets that help you see more of, and deeper into, the U.S. adult population.

Robust digital and physical identity data, alongside device data
While 22% of U.S. adults are underbanked or unbanked , 99.4% of people in the United States have a vast digital and physical identity footprint. Our solutions tap into this rich combination of digital and physical identity data, paired with device data, to help unemployment agencies confidently verify identities in milliseconds — with little to no action needed from the applicant. 

This makes for easier, more equitable onboarding versus solutions that can only see those with a credit footprint, or that rely on a smartphone or require upload of multiple documents to complete the application process. 

Global Digital Identity Network

  • More than 1.7 billion digital identities — defined as unique digital attributes of a person (such as email addresses, login credentials, device IDs and biometrics) and their activities (search queries, cell phone usage, location data, etc.)
  • We couple this with transactional data sourced from some of the world’s most recognizable companies from ecommerce, finance and fintech
  • See behind hidden proxies and VPNs to pinpoint true location, recognize devices and prevent malware and scripted attacks

Physical identity data on people and businesses

  • 84 billion public and proprietary records from over 10,000 sources
  • 724 million unique identities including individuals without a credit history
  • 220 million unique active and inactive businesses

Smart linking (that’s often the missing link) and contributory networks
It’s not enough to have masses of data, especially when teams are already resource-strapped. Our proprietary linking technology and patented unique identifier — LexID® — creates order out of it all, rapidly resolving and matching multiple records to that one particular John Smith, with over 99% accuracy. 

We can widen that lens on John even more, with contributory data sharing between states and agencies that gives you a more holistic view of him across jurisdictions. This additional insight helps protect claimant accounts and prevent improper payments and eligibility fraud. 

Proven best practices for a confident, connected view
Our data and the technology that refines it delivers a current, complete and connected picture of individuals and businesses. It can be easily layered onto an existing eligibility system for the unbiased, 360-degree view of claimant risk and augmented decision making around claimant access.

The strength of our technology and domain expertise has made LexisNexis® Risk Solutions a trusted partner to organizations that must stop fraud without sacrificing customer experience. Our clients include:

  • 80% of federal agencies
  • 70% of local governments
  • 8 of the world’s top 10 banks
  • 70%+ of Fortune 500 companies

Digital intelligence is inherently unbiased and as fraudsters get more sophisticated, emerging technologies can help keep your program safe from their schemes. Our automated risk scoring and fraud detection tools include behavioral biometrics and machine learning that helps identify and stop more fraud in real time, at scale. Meanwhile, these solutions also reduce the likelihood of false positives.

Go below the surface to understand risk
With automated risk scoring, you’re able to verify, score and receive risk indicators on information that may not be immediately obvious:

  • physical identities of the deceased or incarcerated
  • data elements that signal synthetic fraud or stolen identity use
  • digital identity characteristics such as device, behavioral elements and email risk assessment
  • and other traits
Delivering online services means constantly walking a fine line between excellent customer experience and fraud resistance. Finding balance means going beyond knowledge-based authentication to a multi-layered identity workflow that involves digital identity intelligence and responsive step-up authentication, and which takes into account both the identity and transaction risk. Our solutions offer this multidimensional approach so you can quickly wave through low-risk, legitimate claimants — and place further scrutiny on higher-risk identities. 

For example, authentication can run automatically behind the scenes to detect device ownership, device history, location data, linkages to cell phone number, behavior biometrics and more. If warranted — and based on your risk rules — the system can issue a time-sensitive, unique passcode for multi-factor authentication. 

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