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Meet the LexisNexis® Public Safety Special Investigations Unit

Meet the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Public Safety Special Investigations Unit

The LexisNexis® Public Safety Special Investigations Unit is comprised of former sworn and civilian law enforcement Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who leverage the full suite of LexisNexis offerings to assist customers. The SIU team can aid law enforcement during critical incidents and major investigations and is available to provide support remotely or on-site, when applicable. 

When you purchase Investigative Services and Consulting from LexisNexis Risk Solutions, you will be assisted by one of our many SMEs in the SIU. To ensure we address your agency's needs appropriately, our SMEs are divided into two specialized teams: Geolocation Investigative Team and the Criminal Investigative Team

Geolocation Investigative Team

Trevor Buchanan

Trevor Buchanan served over thirteen years with the Newport News Police Department, in Virginia, where he had a broad range of experience in numerous types of criminal investigations. Trevor served as a detective with the Criminal Intelligence and Surveillance Unit, Fugitive Apprehension Unit, and a Task Force Officer with the local U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force. Trevor has unique experience, from long term pattern of life analysis from criminal intelligence investigations, coupled with active fugitive apprehension investigations. Trevor assisted in the development of the department’s Technical Investigations Unit, specializing in call detail record and geolocation analysis where he has testified as a Subject Matter Expert in state and federal courts. 

Tim DeVries

Tim DeVries spent over twenty-six years in law enforcement with the Grand Rapids Police Department in Michigan. As a detective in the Major Case Unit, he investigated hundreds of violent crimes and murders with successful outcomes. He launched his Department’s Digital Intelligence Unit and specializes in mobile device extraction, geolocation mapping, call detail record analysis, and search warrant preparation. He has created many courtroom-ready presentations and used them to testify as a Subject Matter Expert in call detail and geolocation analysis. Tim offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to investigators of all types of crime. 
John (JD) Parker

John (JD) Parker spent thirty-one years in law enforcement in a variety of investigative roles and retired after more than twenty-five years with the Louisiana State Police. As a Technical Support Senior Officer, he provided advanced technical investigative support to the Louisiana State Police; and other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and across the nation. JD has extensive experience in technical surveillance, computer related crimes, electronic monitoring, computer forensics, mobile device forensics, Pen Registers, Pings, wiretaps, and the analysis of call detail records. JD has been qualified as an expert witness numerous times in both federal and state courts in mobile device forensics, computer forensics and cellular network analysis. He has participated in many high-profile investigations including locating and recovering missing children, kidnappings, homicides, and bombings.  

Kyle Tramonte

Kyle Tramonte spent seventeen years in law enforcement, beginning his career as a US Army Military Police Office followed by thirteen years as a deputy sheriff in Central Florida.  Kyle’s last eleven years were spent working as a detective in his agency’s Criminal Investigations Division, investigating a wide range of crime types, including property crimes, robberies, and criminal street gangs. Kyle was also a member of the local U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force, where he heavily exploited the use of mobile device geolocation and social media tracking to locate and arrest dangerous criminals. 

Criminal Investigative Team

Anna Hill

Anna Hill served as the Fort Smith Police Department, in Arkansas, Crime Analyst for four and half years.  Anna graduated from the University of South Florida with a Master’s degree in Criminology and began her career as a Research Assistant at the University of Missouri Saint Louis where she spent a year focusing on victimology, the behavior of law, and victimization surveys. Anna specializes in the review of large sets of law enforcement data and can provide in-depth knowledge and expertise to customers during the project implementation phase. 
Eric Kraus

Eric Kraus retired with more than twenty-seven years with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and embedded with numerous federal, state, and local task forces during this time. Eric was Team Leader of the CDCR’s Fugitive Apprehension Team where he was tasked with the location and apprehension of the State’s most serious and violent fugitive felons. He was cross sworn as a Special Deputy United States Marshals to the US Marshal’s Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force and served for many years on a local Career Criminal Task Force.  Eric is a court-certified gang expert who specialized in white street and prison gangs. Eric has testified as a gang expert more than one hundred times in federal and state court.
Nicholas (Nick) Lootens

Nicholas (Nick) Lootens has more than fourteen years of experience in law enforcement, five as a patrol officer and eight as an investigator and intelligence analyst. Nick served on the Major Case Team and Intelligence and Technical Investigation Unit of the Grand Rapids Police Department, specializing in violent crime investigations. Prior to joining the Grand Rapids Police Department, Nick served as a Special Investigator with the Office of the Inspector General, an Intelligence Manager for the Department of Defense, and as an Intelligence Non-Commissioned Officer for the United States Army.  
Kathleen (Katie) Murphy

Kathleen (Katie) Murphy spent thirteen years in law enforcement in a variety of intelligence and analytical roles at both the local and state levels in the Central Florida area. Most recently, she served as the Sr. Crime Intelligence Analyst Supervisor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Orlando. At the State, she also served as a program director for the state’s certification for law enforcement analysts, instructing in all topics related to analytical and intelligence techniques. Her own analytical experience focused on multi-jurisdictional violent and organized crime, intelligence and strategic assessments, crime pattern analysis and critical incident response. Katie is certified as a law enforcement intelligence analyst from three professional governing bodies: The State of Florida, the California Department of Justice, and the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA).
Shanna Spagnuolo

Shanna Spagnuolo has over twenty years of law enforcement experience.  Shanna worked in a variety of roles including Crime Analyst, Criminal Intelligence Specialist and Supervising Crime Analyst at the state and local law enforcement levels. As a Criminal Intelligence Specialist, she was assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Bureau of the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) followed by the CA DOJ Los Angeles Regional Gang Information Network and finally the CA DOJ Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. During her tenure with the CA DOJ, her primary role was to support tactical narcotic and gang investigations. She transitioned to local law enforcement as a Supervising Crime analyst with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department where she led analysts from the field operations, detective, and custody operations divisions. She received the Departments’ Exemplary Service Award for a self-initiated Crime Analysis Program information sharing project.  

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