Healthcare Insights Brief Mental Health Utilization Trends

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Mental Health Trends

This Healthcare Insights brief features the surge in mental health utilization during COVID-19.

In this brief report, we analyzed more than a billion de-identified medical claims to uncover mental health and telehealth utilization trends from before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This healthcare insights brief features the key insights from this analysis.

Download the brief to reveal:

  • Which types of mental health claims saw the highest growth.
  • How many more claims of anxiety and depression occurred among children.
  • How does telehealth utilization for mental health visits compare to telehealth utilization overall.

Why does this matter?

Telehealth is here to stay, and usage patterns show that it’s addressing a critical challenge around access and perceived stigma, especially as it relates to mental health. It further illustrates the need for health plans and providers to leverage patient-level social determinants of health at both the population health and care coordination levels to better understand who has access challenges and how to push personalized approaches, including telehealth, to the populations who need it most.



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Mental Health Trends

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